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Grunewald, Karsten - Towards Green Cities, ebook

Towards Green Cities

Grunewald, Karsten


Towards ‘Green Cities’—Fields of Action and Recommendations
Karsten Grunewald, Tinghao Hu, Lennart Kümper-Schlake, Wei Hou, Qiaoqiao Xu

White, Bob W. - Intercultural Cities, ebook

Intercultural Cities

White, Bob W.


Intercultural Cities and the Problem with Loaded Words
Jorge Frozzini
13. The Notion of “Diversity Advantage” According to the Council of Europe
Daniel Côté
14. Towards a Comparative Analysis of Intercultural Cities
Marta Massana
15. The

Beatley, Timothy - Blue Biophilic Cities, ebook

Blue Biophilic Cities

Beatley, Timothy


Future Cities: The Blue and Biophilic
Timothy Beatley
2. Planning for the Balance of Danger and Delight
Timothy Beatley
3. An Unsustainable Bounty from the Blue: Cities to the Rescue?
Timothy Beatley
4. Making the Marine World Visible: Fostering

Leeuw, Evelyne de - Healthy Cities, ebook

Healthy Cities

Leeuw, Evelyne de


Healthy Cities Emerge: Toronto–Ottawa–Copenhagen
Trevor Hancock
5. Healthy Cities Move to Maturity
Evelyne Leeuw, Jean Simos
Part II. Regional World Perspectives
6. Healthy Cities in Africa: A Continent of

Finger, Matthias - Towards Cognitive Cities, ebook

Towards Cognitive Cities

Finger, Matthias


Cognitive Cities, Big Data and Citizen Participation: The Essentials of Privacy and Security
Ann Cavoukian, Michelle Chibba
5. Towards the Improvement of Citizen Communication Through Computational Intelligence
Valerio Perticone, Marco Elio Tabacchi

Ameel, Lieven - Literary Second Cities, ebook

Literary Second Cities

Ameel, Lieven


World Cities and Second Cities: Imagining Growth and Hybridity in Modern Literature
Bart Keunen
Part II. In the Shadow of the Alpha City
3. Comic Novel‚ City Novel: David Lodge and Jonathan Coe Reinterpreted by Birmingham

 - Smart Cities For Dummies, ebook

Smart Cities For Dummies


The movement to create smarter cities is still in its infancy, but ambitious and creative projects in all types of cities—big and small—around the globe are beginning to make a big difference. New ideas, powered by technology,

Momtaz, Salim - Cities in Global Transition, ebook

Cities in Global Transition

Momtaz, Salim


Table of contents
Part I. Global Urban Transition and Sustainable Urban Planning
1. Planning for Sustainable Cities
Raymond Charles Rauscher, Salim Momtaz
2. Planning Greater Sydney and Sydney Districts
Raymond Charles Rauscher, Salim…