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Lee, Laurie - Laurie Lee Selected Poems, ebook

Laurie Lee Selected Poems

Lee, Laurie


Lee’s first love was always poetry, though he was only moderately successful as a poet. Lee’s first poem appeared in The Sunday Referee in 1934. Another poem was published in Cyril Connolly’s Horizon magazine in 1940 and his first volume of poems,…

Haasarud, Kim - 101 Sangrias and Pitcher Drinks, ebook

101 Sangrias and Pitcher Drinks

Haasarud, Kim


"Welcome to the wonderful world of sangrias and punches, names that conjure up good times with great friends. Go get some wine, hit the local produce market, grab a few spirits and ice, and have at it. Enjoy!"
--From 101 Sangrias & Pitcher Drinks

Food, Lonely Planet - World's Best Drinks, ebook

World's Best Drinks

Food, Lonely Planet


BEER Michelada - Mexico CIDER Mulled cider - United Kingdom WINE Glogi - Finland Kalimotxo - Spain Mimosa - France Sangria - Spain Terremoto - Chile GIN Martini - USA Negroni - Italy Pimm's - United Kingdom Singapore

Handicott, Ben - 50 Bars to Blow Your Mind, ebook

50 Bars to Blow Your Mind

Handicott, Ben


From the people who have been delivering trustworthy guidebooks to every destination in the world for 40 years, Lonely Planet's 50 Bars To Blow Your Mind handpicks the world's most extraordinary drinking holes, from caverns and island party havens to…

Ruffle, David - Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme Regis Horror, ebook

Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme Regis Horror

Ruffle, David


This hitherto unknown tale of Watson's involves romancing, dancing, occasional glasses of cider, but the holiday turns into a nightmare as the two old friends encounter an unimaginable evil which threatens their very souls. Can they triumph?

Kronk, Gary W. - Lewis Swift, ebook

Lewis Swift

Kronk, Gary W.


Table of contents
1. Family and Swift’s Early Years
Gary W. Kronk
2. Swift Steps into Astronomy
Gary W. Kronk
3. Duffy’s Cider Mill
Gary W. Kronk
4. The Solar Eclipse of July 29, 1878
Gary W. Kronk
5. Warner Observatory: A Dream Becomes Reality
Gary W. Kronk
6. Celebrity and Its

Cavaliere, Christina T. - Craft Beverages and Tourism, Volume 1, ebook

Craft Beverages and Tourism, Volume 1

Cavaliere, Christina T.


Craft Cider Tourism: Getting to the Core of the Matter
Carol Kline, Zachary D. Cole
5. Life on the “Beer Frontier”: A Case Study of Craft Beer and Tourism in West Virginia
Daniel Eades, Doug Arbogast, Jason Kozlowski
6. Highland Brewing Company:

Cavaliere, Christina T. - Craft Beverages and Tourism, Volume 2, ebook

Craft Beverages and Tourism, Volume 2

Cavaliere, Christina T.


Representing Rurality: Cider Mills and Agritourism
Wynne Wright, Weston M. Eaton
6. Developing Social Capital in Craft Beer Tourism Markets
Susan L. Slocum
7. New Jersey Craft Distilleries: Sense of Place and Sustainability
Christina T. Cavaliere,