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Ford, David F. - The Future of Christian Theology, ebook

The Future of Christian Theology

Ford, David F.


The Future of Christian Theology represents a personal manifesto from one of the world's leading theologians, exploring the ways Christian theology in the twenty-first century

Markham, Ian S. - A Theology of Engagement, ebook

A Theology of Engagement

Markham, Ian S.


Defends Christianity’s engagement with non-Christian traditions. Includes important discussion of theological method. Illustrated with case studies involving human rights, interfaith tolerance, economics, and ethics.

McGrath, Alister E. - Theology: The Basic Readings, ebook

Theology: The Basic Readings

McGrath, Alister E.


Theology: The Basic Readings, 3rd Edition comprises sixty-eight readings spanning twenty centuries of Christian history. To help readers engage with the material, each reading is accompanied by an introduction, comments, study questions, and a helpful glossary of terms

Burrell, David B. - Towards a Jewish-Christian-Muslim Theology, ebook

Towards a Jewish-Christian-Muslim Theology

Burrell, David B.


Towards a Jewish-Christian-Muslim Theology delineates the ways that Christianity, Islam, and the Jewish tradition have moved towards each another over the centuries and points to new pathways for contemporary theological work. Explores the development of the three Abrahamic traditions,

Jones, Gareth - The Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology, ebook

The Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology

Jones, Gareth


In this major reference work, a team of the world's leading theologians provides a powerful overview of modern theologyCovers theology's relation to other disciplines, the history of theology, major themes, key figures and contemporary issues Can be

Ward, Graham - The Blackwell Companion to Postmodern Theology, ebook

The Blackwell Companion to Postmodern Theology

Ward, Graham


This Companion provides a definitive collection of essays on postmodern theology, drawing on the work of those individuals who have made a distinctive contribution to the field, and whose work will be significant for the theologies written in the new