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Leeds, Roger - Private Equity Investing in Emerging Markets, ebook

Private Equity Investing in Emerging Markets

Leeds, Roger


China: Private Equity with Chinese Characteristics1
Roger Leeds, Nadiya Satyamurthy
8. Brazil: The Country of the Future
Roger Leeds, Nadiya Satyamurthy
9. Kenya: Challenges and Opportunities in a Frontier Market
Roger Leeds, Nadiya Satyamurthy

Chan, Wilson F. C. - Investing in Asian Offshore Currency Markets, ebook

Investing in Asian Offshore Currency Markets

Chan, Wilson F. C.


US Dollar Interest Rate Fixings in Offshore Currency Markets: The Puzzles of Volatility and Funding Cost
Wilson C. F. Chan, Michael C. S. Wong
Part II. Challenges and Strategies of Developing Offshore Renminbi Markets
4. The Development of the Renminbi Currency

Klonowski, Darek - Private Equity in Emerging Markets, ebook

Private Equity in Emerging Markets

Klonowski, Darek


Private Equity in the Emerging Markets: No Longer an Asterisk
Joseph Quinlan
3. Economic and Social Profiles of Emerging Economies
Abdella Abdou, Saeed Moshiri
4. Assessing Country Attractiveness in the Venture Capital and Private Equity Landscape in

Barth, James R. - China's Emerging Financial Markets, ebook

China's Emerging Financial Markets

Barth, James R.


The Chinese Imbalance in Capital Flows
John A. Tatom
10. Some Issues Regarding China’s Foreign Reserves
Jie Li, Jing Chen, Liqing Zhang
11. Institutional Development, Ownership Structure, and Business Strategies: A New Era in the Chinese