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He, Dexu - Financial Security in China, ebook

Financial Security in China

He, Dexu


The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on China’s Financial Security
Dexu He
2. The Hidden Dangers and Risks to China’s Currency Security
Dexu He
3. “Herd Behavior” in the Commercial Bank Credit Market

Brada, Josef C. - China’s Economic Development, ebook

China’s Economic Development

Brada, Josef C.


Labor Reform in China: Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones
Margaret Maurer-Fazio
6. The Role of the State in China’s Industrial Development: A Reassessment
Alberto Gabriele
7. Reforming China’s

Li, Zhou - China’s Rural Development Road, ebook

China’s Rural Development Road

Li, Zhou


Rural Development in China: Review and Reflections
Xiaoshan Zhang, Zhou Li
2. Development of the National Management and Basic Operations for Agriculture
Xiaoshan Zhang, Zhou Li
3. Development of the Circulation

Rambures, Dominique - The China Development Model, ebook

The China Development Model

Rambures, Dominique


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dominique Rambures
2. What is the Socialist Market Economy?
Dominique Rambures
3. The Transition Period
Dominique Rambures
4. A Fast but Unbalanced Growth
Dominique Rambures
5. An Uncompleted Banking and Financial Reform
Dominique Rambures
6. Investment

Sheng, Andrew - Shadow Banking in China: An Opportunity for Financial Reform, ebook

Shadow Banking in China: An Opportunity for Financial Reform

Sheng, Andrew


An authoritative guide to the rise of Chinese shadow banking and its systemic implications
Shadow Banking in China examines this rapidly growing sector in the Chinese economy, and what it means for your investments. Written by two world-class experts in Chinese banking, including the