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Goldstein, Steven M. - China and Taiwan, ebook

China and Taiwan

Goldstein, Steven M.


Relations between Taiwan and the People?s Republic of China have oscillated between outright hostility and wary detente ever since the Archipelago seceded from the Communist mainland over six decades ago. While the mainland has long coveted the island, Taiwan has resisted - aided by the

Su, Bin - China's Energy Efficiency and Conservation, ebook

China's Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Su, Bin


Energy Efficiency and Conservation in China’s Power Sector: Progress and Prospects
Jiahai Yuan, Chunning Na, Mian Yang
3. Efficiency in China’s Power Sector: Evidence from a Large Dataset of Power Plants

Li, Xiaoxi - China Green Development Index Report 2011, ebook

China Green Development Index Report 2011

Li, Xiaoxi


Measurement and Analysis of Carrying Potential of Natural Resources and Environment
Mingqing Jiang, Jiangxue Zhang, Yang Liu
12. Government Actions in China’s Green Development
Sanlin Jin, Jiancong Zhou, Fei Yang