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O'Sullivan, Keith - Children's Literature Collections, ebook

Children's Literature Collections

O'Sullivan, Keith


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pádraic Whyte, Keith O’Sullivan
Part I. History and Canonicity
2. Instruction with Delight: Evidence of Children as Readers in Eighteenth-Century Ireland from the Collections of Dublin City Library and Archive
Máire Kennedy
3. Irish Children’s Books 1696‒1810: Importation,

Seuling, Barbara - How to Write a Children's Book and Get It Published, ebook

How to Write a Children's Book and Get It Published

Seuling, Barbara


Rowling? Are you excited about writing for children but have no idea how to begin or where to send your material? Now, respected children's writer Barbara Seuling gives you the essential steps to getting published in the competitive, exciting world of children's literature.

Jenkins, Ruth Y. - Victorian Children’s Literature, ebook

Victorian Children’s Literature

Jenkins, Ruth Y.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Emerging Identities and the Practice of Possibility
Ruth Y. Jenkins
2. Imagining the Abject in Kingsley, MacDonald, and Carroll: Disrupting Dominant Values and Cultural Identity in Children’s Literature

Reynolds, Kimberley - Radical Children’s Literature, ebook

Radical Children’s Literature

Reynolds, Kimberley


Table of contents
1. Breaking Bounds: The Transformative Energy of Children’s Literature
Kimberley Reynolds
2. Breaking the Frame: Picturebooks, Modernism, and New Media
Kimberley Reynolds
3. And None of It was Nonsense

Gavin, Adrienne E. - The Child in British Literature, ebook

The Child in British Literature

Gavin, Adrienne E.


The Child in British Literature: An Introduction
1. The Child in British Literature: An Introduction
Adrienne E. Gavin
Part I. Medieval and Early Modern Literature (1200–1700)
2. ‘That child may doon to fadres

Frank, Marietta A. - Internationalism in Children’s Series, ebook

Internationalism in Children’s Series

Frank, Marietta A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Stepping Out into the World: Series and Internationalism
Karen Sands-O’Connor
Part I. Nineteenth-Century Series Go Abroad
2. Young Americans Abroad: Jacob Abbott’s Rollo on the Grand Tour and Nineteenth-Century…