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Wyness, Michael - Childhood, ebook


Wyness, Michael


What is childhood? In recent years, a cluster of critical andcomplex ideas have emerged around the nature of biological, socialand psychological growth in the early years, reflecting thechanging nature of adult - child relations, and political andcultural understandings of childhood

Imre, Robert - Childhood and Nation, ebook

Childhood and Nation

Imre, Robert


“Franco’s Children”: Childhood Memory as National Allegory
Miaowei Weng
5. (Dis)Locating Hospitality: Reader Positioning in Australian Picture Books about Asylum Seekers
Trish Lunt
6. Minor(s) Matter: Stone Throwing, Securitization, and the Government

Moore, Allison - Childhood and Sexuality, ebook

Childhood and Sexuality

Moore, Allison


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Allison Moore, Paul Reynolds
2. Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Childhood and Sexuality
Allison Moore, Paul Reynolds
3. Law, Policy and Practice: National and International Dimensions
Allison Moore, Paul Reynolds
4. The Age of Consent
Allison Moore, Paul

Goddard, Jim - The Politics of Childhood, ebook

The Politics of Childhood

Goddard, Jim


The Politics of Modern Childhood: American Socialisation and the Crisis of Individualism
Jim Block
4. The ‘Shame of America’: African-American Civil Rights and the Politics of Childhood
Rebecca Schweinitz
Part Two. Children, Money and Work

Frankel, Sam - Negotiating Childhoods, ebook

Negotiating Childhoods

Frankel, Sam


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sam Frankel
Step 1. A Theoretical Foundation
2. Structure ‘&’ Agency
Sam Frankel
Step 2. Establishing a Framework
3. Engaging with Structure
Sam Frankel
4. Engaging with Agency

Alexander, Kate - Feminism(s) in Early Childhood, ebook

Feminism(s) in Early Childhood

Alexander, Kate


Feminism and the Development of Early Childhood Education in Australia
Margaret M. Coady
3. The Didgeridoo, an Instrument of Oppression or Decolonisation?
Sue Lopez-Atkinson
4. Celebrating Pioneering and Contemporary Feminist Approaches to Studying

Berg, Joel H. - Early Childhood Oral Health, ebook

Early Childhood Oral Health

Berg, Joel H.


Early Childhood Oral Health coalesces all important information related to early childhood oral health in a comprehensive reference for students and other academics. In addition to a thorough discussion of preventing childhood

Roth, Wolff-Michael - Science Education during Early Childhood, ebook

Science Education during Early Childhood

Roth, Wolff-Michael


Preparing Teachers for Early Childhood Science Teaching
Wolff-Michael Roth, Maria Inês Mafra Goulart, Katerina Plakitsi
9. Magnifying Effects with LIGHT
Wolff-Michael Roth, Maria Inês Mafra Goulart, Katerina Plakitsi
10. Valuing Children’s Early