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Child, John - Organization: Contemporary Principles and Practice, ebook

Organization: Contemporary Principles and Practice

Child, John


Thisrevised Second Edition includes a new introductory section onOrganization Theory as well as a complete Instructor Manual updatedwith new material on the basic principles of organizationaldesign.
With detailed case studies and examples from throughout the UK,Europe,

Wells, Karen - Childhood in a Global Perspective, ebook

Childhood in a Global Perspective

Wells, Karen


The second edition of this compelling and popular book offers aunique global perspective on children’s lives throughout theworld. It shows how the notion of childhood is being radicallyre-shaped, in part as a consequence of globalization.
Taking an engaging historical and comparative

Kramer, Deborah - Primary Well-Being: Case Studies for the Growing Child, ebook

Primary Well-Being: Case Studies for the Growing Child

Kramer, Deborah


Table of contents
Part I. Preparation for the Well-Child Visit
1. Introduction
Deborah Kramer
2. Overview of the Well-Child Visit
Deborah Kramer
3. Role of Development
Deborah Kramer
4. Health History and Physical Exam
Deborah Kramer
5. The Primary Care Provider as Advocate