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Mintz, Steven - Mexican American Voices: A Documentary Reader, ebook

Mexican American Voices: A Documentary Reader

Mintz, Steven


This short, comprehensive collection of primary documents provides an indispensable introduction to Mexican American history and culture. Includes over 90 carefully chosen selections, with a succinct introduction and comprehensive headnotes that identify the major issues raised by

Nielsen, Lara D. - Neoliberalism and Global Theatres, ebook

Neoliberalism and Global Theatres

Nielsen, Lara D.


Teatro Visión and the Limits of Chicano Politics in Neoliberal Space
Jon D. Rossini
15. Repairing Teatro Oficina Perdiz
Nitza Tenenblat
16. Palimpsestic City: Nostalgia in Neoliberal Bangalore
Jisha Menon
17. Desiring the Stage: The Interplay

Rury, John L. - Urban Education in the United States, ebook

Urban Education in the United States

Rury, John L.


“The Community is Beginning to Rumble”: The Origins of Chicano Educational Protest in Houston, 1965–1970
Guadalupe San Miguel
Part Five. Urban School Reform in the Late Twentieth Century
14. After the Fall: Continuity and Change in Detroit, 1981–1995