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Chau, Foo-Tim - Chemometrics: From Basics to Wavelet Transform, ebook

Chemometrics: From Basics to Wavelet Transform

Chau, Foo-Tim


Wavelet Transformations and Their Applications in Chemistry pioneers a new approach to classifying existing chemometric techniques for data analysis in one and two dimensions, using a practical applications approach to illustrating chemical examples and…

Pomerantsev, Alexey L. - Chemometrics in Excel, ebook

Chemometrics in Excel

Pomerantsev, Alexey L.


Providing an easy explanation of the fundamentals, methods, and applications of chemometrics
• Acts as a practical guide to multivariate data analysis techniques
• Explains the methods used in Chemometrics and teaches the reader to perform all relevant calculations

Wehrens, Ron - Chemometrics with R, ebook

Chemometrics with R

Wehrens, Ron


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ron Wehrens
2. Data
Ron Wehrens
3. Preprocessing
Ron Wehrens
4. Principal Component Analysis
Ron Wehrens
5. Self-Organizing Maps
Ron Wehrens
6. Clustering
Ron Wehrens

Brereton, Richard - Chemometrics for Pattern Recognition, ebook

Chemometrics for Pattern Recognition

Brereton, Richard


This is the only major text in the area of chemometrics published over the last decade focusing exclusively on pattern recognition. The coverage uses real world pattern recognition case studies, often involving quite large and complex datasets. It approaches pattern recognition as a hypothesis

Brereton, Richard G. - Applied Chemometrics for Scientists, ebook

Applied Chemometrics for Scientists

Brereton, Richard G.


The book introduces most of the basic tools of chemometrics including experimental design, signal analysis, statistical methods for analytical chemistry and multivariate methods. It then discusses a number of important applications including food chemistry, biological pattern recognition,