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Bonilla-Petriciolet, Adrián - Process Intensification in Chemical Engineering, ebook

Process Intensification in Chemical Engineering

Bonilla-Petriciolet, Adrián


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Juan Gabriel Segovia-Hernández, Adrián Bonilla-Petriciolet
2. Fundamentals of Process Intensification: A Process Systems Engineering View
Deenesh K. Babi, Mauricio Sales Cruz, Rafiqul Gani
3. Systematic Synthesis of Intensified Distillation Systems
Massimiliano Errico,

Gmehling, Jürgen - Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation, ebook

Chemical Thermodynamics for Process Simulation

Gmehling, Jürgen


The only textbook that applies thermodynamics to real-world process engineering problems

This must-read for advanced students and professionals alike is the first book to demonstrate how chemical thermodynamics work in the real world by applying them to actual engineering

Stevenson, Paul - Foam Engineering: Fundamentals and Applications, ebook

Foam Engineering: Fundamentals and Applications

Stevenson, Paul


The first section of the book presents an accessible summary of the theory and fundamentals of foams. This includes chapters on morphology, drainage, Ostwald ripening, coalescence, rheology, and pneumatic foams.
The second section demonstrates

Feng, Yan - Fundamentals of Enzyme Engineering, ebook

Fundamentals of Enzyme Engineering

Feng, Yan


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction to Enzyme Engineering
1. Introduction
Young Je Yoo, Yan Feng, Yong Hwan Kim, Camila Flor J. Yagonia
2. Biosynthesis of Enzymes
Young Je Yoo, Yan Feng, Yong Hwan Kim, Camila Flor J. Yagonia
3. Production of Enzymes
Young Je Yoo, Yan Feng, Yong Hwan Kim, Camila

Zlokarnik, Marko - Scale-up in Chemical Engineering, ebook

Scale-up in Chemical Engineering

Zlokarnik, Marko


It discusses the fundamentals of dimensional analysis, the treatment of temperature-dependent and rheological material values and scale-up where model systems or not available or only partly similar. All this is illustrated by 20 real-world examples, while 25 exercises