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Schroeder, Susan K. - Challenging the Orthodoxy, ebook

Challenging the Orthodoxy

Schroeder, Susan K.


‘A Challenging Task’: Political Economy in/of the Urban Age
Brendan Gleeson
Part VII. A Green Economy
13. A Genuine ‘Green’ Economy Must be Ecologically Sustainable and Socially Just
Mark Diesendorf
14. When the ‘Green Economy’ Undermines

Austen, Sally - Deafness and Challenging Behaviour: The 360° Perspective, ebook

Deafness and Challenging Behaviour: The 360° Perspective

Austen, Sally


Challenging behaviours, such as aggression and violence, are more common in deaf people than hearing people. Filling a crucial gap in the international market, this book will appeal equally to those who work occasionally or entirely with Deaf or hearing impaired client groups of all ages.

Makin, Al - Challenging Islamic Orthodoxy, ebook

Challenging Islamic Orthodoxy

Makin, Al


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Al Makin
2. Her Majesty Queen Lia Eden
Al Makin
3. The Salamullah Religious Sermon (1997–1999)
Al Makin
4. The Bumpy Road to Apostasy (2000–2004)
Al Makin
5. Defending God’s Kingdom…

Sörensen, Jens Stilhoff - Challenging the Aid Paradigm, ebook

Challenging the Aid Paradigm

Sörensen, Jens Stilhoff


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Reinventing Development for the Twenty-First Century?
Jens Stilhoff Sörensen
Part I. Western Currents
2. The Development-Security Nexus in Historical Perspective: Governing the World of Peoples

Coluccello, Rino - Challenging the Mafia Mystique, ebook

Challenging the Mafia Mystique

Coluccello, Rino


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rino Coluccello
2. The Origins of the Mafia as a Criminal Phenomenon and as a Spirit
Rino Coluccello
3. The Abolition of Feudalism, Mafia in the Unified Kingdom and I Mafiusi di la Vicaria

Friesen, Elizabeth - Challenging Global Finance, ebook

Challenging Global Finance

Friesen, Elizabeth


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Elizabeth Friesen
2. Power and Resistance
Elizabeth Friesen
3. Transnational Civil Society and the Campaign for the Cancellation of Third World Debt
Elizabeth Friesen
4. The World Economic Forum…

Frankel, Ernst Gabriel - Challenging American Leadership, ebook

Challenging American Leadership

Frankel, Ernst Gabriel


Table of contents
1. Preamble
2. American Industrial Developments
3. American Social and Economic Developments
4. Claims to World Leadership
5. Managing American Leadership
6. The Future of World Leadership
7. Leading into the Future

Pizzolato, Nicola - Challenging Global Capitalism, ebook

Challenging Global Capitalism

Pizzolato, Nicola


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nicola Pizzolato
2. The Making and Unmaking of Fordism
Nicola Pizzolato
3. The “American Model” in Turin
Nicola Pizzolato
4. The Cities of Discontent
Nicola Pizzolato
5. A Global…

Taylor, Peter J. - Challenging Mathematics In and Beyond the Classroom, ebook

Challenging Mathematics In and Beyond the Classroom

Taylor, Peter J.


Table of contents
2. Introduction
Ed Barbeau
3. Challenging Problems: Mathematical Contents and Sources
Vladimir Protasov, Mark Applebaum, Alexander Karp, Romualdas Kašuba, Alexey Sossinsky, Ed Barbeau, Peter Taylor
4. Challenges Beyond the Classroom—Sources and Organizational Issues
Petar Kenderov,