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Ray, Sangeeta - Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak: In Other Words, ebook

Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak: In Other Words

Ray, Sangeeta


This book introduces and discusses the works of leading feminist postcolonialist Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, by exploring the key concepts and themes to emerge from them.
Focuses on the key themes to emerge from Spivak’s work, such as ethics, literature, feminism, pedagogy, postcoloniality,

Devi, Mahasweta - Chotti Munda and His Arrow, ebook

Chotti Munda and His Arrow

Devi, Mahasweta


Written in 1980, this novel by prize-winning Indian writer Mahasweta Devi, translated and introduced by Gayatri Chakravorty Sprivak, is remarkable for the way in which it touches on vital issues that have in subsequent decades grown into matters of urgent social conern.
Written by one

Peters, Michael A. - Deconstructing Derrida, ebook

Deconstructing Derrida

Peters, Michael A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction The Humanities in Deconstruction
Michael A. Peters, Peter Pericles Trifonas
2. The Future of the Profession or the Unconditional University (Thanks to the “Humanities,” What Could Take Place Tomorrow)
Jacques Derrida
3. Sovereignty Death Literature Unconditionality Democracy

Duschinsky, Robbie - Juliet Mitchell and the Lateral Axis, ebook

Juliet Mitchell and the Lateral Axis

Duschinsky, Robbie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robbie Duschinsky, Susan Walker
2. The Etiology of Hysteria in Mitchell’s Mad Men and Medusas
Susan Walker
3. Siblings, Secrets, and Promises: Aspects of Infantile Sexuality
Daru Huppert
4. Ideologies of the Super-Ego: Psychoanalysis and Feminism, Revisited

Ahmed, Kamran - Introduction to Surgery for Students, ebook

Introduction to Surgery for Students

Ahmed, Kamran


Chakravorty, Eilidh S. Bruce, Faisal I. A. Ghumman, Benjamin J. Challacombe, Martin Sheriff
12. Principles of Surgical Oncology and Pathology
Abhinav Mathur
13. Neurosurgery
Fraser S. Brown, Andreas Demetriades
14. Ophthalmology
Omar A. Mahroo,

Amin, Nyna - Disrupting Higher Education Curriculum, ebook

Disrupting Higher Education Curriculum

Amin, Nyna


Table of contents
Part One. Philosophical Musings
1. Undoing Cognitive Damage
Nyna Amin, Michael Anthony Samuel, Rubby Dhunpath
2. Humanities, Democracy and the Politics of Knowledge in Higher Education
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
3. ‘Sensing’ the Curriculum
Chatradari Devroop
4. Re-Humanising

Anttonen, Anneli - Feministejä: Aikamme ajattelijoita, ebook

Feministejä: Aikamme ajattelijoita

Anttonen, Anneli


Miller, Adrienne Rich, Joan Scott, Gayatry Chakravorty Spivak ja Iris Marion Young. Kirja on kirjoitettu sukupuolentutkimuksen opiskelijoille., tutkijoille ja kaikille niille, jotka ovat kiinnostuneita nykyteorioista ja etenkin feminismin ajatusmaailmasta.

Shukla, Pratyoosh - Advances in Enzyme Biotechnology, ebook

Advances in Enzyme Biotechnology

Shukla, Pratyoosh


Advance Techniques in Enzyme Research
Debamitra Chakravorty, Sanjukta Patra
8. Regulatory Motif Identification in Biological Sequences: An Overview of Computational Methodologies
Shripal Vijayvargiya, Pratyoosh Shukla
9. Chitin Deacetylase: Characteristic

Danielsen, Hilde - Gendered Citizenship and the Politics of Representation, ebook

Gendered Citizenship and the Politics of Representation

Danielsen, Hilde


Table of contents
1. Gendered Citizenship: The Politics of Representation
Hilde Danielsen, Kari Jegerstedt, Ragnhild L. Muriaas, Brita Ytre-Arne
Part I. Becoming a Citizen–Interrogating the Constitution of Political Subjects
2. What Is It to Vote?
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
3. Troubled and Secure Gender

Shaw, Rajib - Disaster Risk Reduction Approaches in Bangladesh, ebook

Disaster Risk Reduction Approaches in Bangladesh

Shaw, Rajib


Disaster Risk Reduction Investment and Reduction of Response Cost in Bangladesh
Ahmadul Hassan, Aminul Islam, Nityananda Chakravorty, Bhuiya Md. Tamim Hossain
16. Gender and Social Exclusion Analysis in Disaster Risk Management
A. K. M. Mamunur Rashid,