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Al-Rubeai, Mohamed - Stem Cells and Cell Therapy, ebook

Stem Cells and Cell Therapy

Al-Rubeai, Mohamed


Human Neural Stem Cell-Based Cell- and Gene-Therapy for Neurological Diseases
Seung U. Kim, Hong J. Lee
3. Vascular Stem Cell Therapy
Ruei-Zeng Lin, Rafael Moreno-Luna, Juan M. Melero-Martin
4. Bioprocessing of

Lindl, Toni - Atlas of Living Cell Cultures, ebook

Atlas of Living Cell Cultures

Lindl, Toni


The first atlas in many years giving researchers a good visual reference of the status of their cell lines. Given the increasing importance of well defined cellular models in particular in biomedical research this is a sorely needed resource for everyone performing cell

Pappas, Dimitri - Practical Cell Analysis, ebook

Practical Cell Analysis

Pappas, Dimitri


Practical Cell Analysis serves as a guide for researchers interested in adding cell analyses to their repertoire. This book covers the basics of setting up a cell culture-capable

Negraes, Priscilla Davidson - Working with Stem Cells, ebook

Working with Stem Cells

Negraes, Priscilla Davidson


Stem Cells: Principles and Applications
Ágatha Oliveira, Juliana da Cruz Corrêa-Velloso, Talita Glaser, Henning Ulrich
2. Human Embryonic Stem Cell Line Derivation
Simone Aparecida Siqueira Fonseca, Roberta Montero Costas, Lygia V. Pereira
3. Adipose-Derived

Freshney, Mary G. - Culture of Epithelial Cells, ebook

Culture of Epithelial Cells

Freshney, Mary G.


a wonderful compendium of current in vitro approaches that will be a useful resource to those just starting to work with an epithelial cell system as well as those that have been working with them for years and years."
—Pharmaceutical Research