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Beck, James - The Case of Edith Cavell, ebook

The Case of Edith Cavell

Beck, James


It took the story of Edith Cavell, a British nurse who was executed by the Germans for helping Allied soldiers escape German-occupied Belgium, as a case study.

Goodman, Russell B. - Contending with Stanley Cavell, ebook

Contending with Stanley Cavell

Goodman, Russell B.


Stanley Cavell has been a brilliant, idiosyncratic, and controversial presence in American philosophy, literary criticism, and cultural studies for years. Even as he continues to produce new writing of a high standard -- an example of which is included in this collection -- his work has

Abel, Corey - The Meanings of Michael Oakeshott's Conservatism, ebook

The Meanings of Michael Oakeshott's Conservatism

Abel, Corey


Together, they address the meanings of Oakeshott's conservatism through the lenses of his ideas on religion, history, and tradition, and explore his relationships to philosophers ranging from Hume to Ryle, Cavell, and others. The collection assigns no single or final

Kwak, Duck-Joo - Education for Self-transformation, ebook

Education for Self-transformation

Kwak, Duck-Joo


Stanley Cavell’s Ordinary Language Philosophy as an Example of Practicing Philosophy in the Essay-Form: In Search of a Humanistic Approach to Teacher Education
Duck-Joo Kwak
6. Philosophy as the Essay Form of Writing: Cavell’s

Mullarkey, John - Refractions of Reality, ebook

Refractions of Reality

Mullarkey, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Nobody Knows Anything!
John Mullarkey
2. Illustrating Manuscripts
John Mullarkey
3. Bordwell and Other Cogitators
John Mullarkey
4. Žižek and the Cinema of Perversion
John Mullarkey
5. Deleuze’s Kinematic Philosophy
John Mullarkey
6. Cavell, Badiou

Goodenough, Jerry - Film <Emphasis Type="Italic">as</Emphasis> Philosophy, ebook

Film as Philosophy

Goodenough, Jerry


Table of contents
1. Introduction I: A Philosopher Goes to the Cinema
Jerry Goodenough
2. Introduction II: What Theory of Film Do Wittgenstein and Cavell Have?
Rupert Read
Part I. Essays
3. Cogito Ergo Film: Plato, Descartes and Fight Club
Nancy Bauer
4. In Space, No-one Can Hear You Scream: Acknowledging