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 - Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies, ebook

Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies


Grasp the beliefs and practices about one of the world's oldest religions
Catholicism All-In-One For Dummies is your all-inclusive guide to the Catholic Church and its billions of followers. You'll learn how Catholicism came to be, how it's practiced,

Trigilio, John - Catholicism For Dummies, ebook

Catholicism For Dummies

Trigilio, John


The easy way to grasp the ins and outs of Catholicism
Catholicism For Dummies is not a catechism or religious textbook, but a casual, down-to-earth introduction for Catholics and non-Catholics. It gives commonsense explanations of Catholic weddings, Baptisms, funerals, Confirmations,

Trigilio, John - Catholic Mass For Dummies, ebook

Catholic Mass For Dummies

Trigilio, John


Catholic Mass For Dummies gives you a step-by-step overview of the Catholic Mass, as well as a close look at the history and meaning of the Mass as a central form of Catholic worship. You'll find information on the order of a Mass and coverage of major Masses.

Brighenti, Kenneth - John Paul II For Dummies, Special Edition, ebook

John Paul II For Dummies, Special Edition

Brighenti, Kenneth

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With John Paul II For Dummies, Special Edition you can learn more about these admired religious leaders and join millions of devotees in celebrating their lives and legacies. You'll get an in-depth look at John Paul II's remarkable life and achievements and learn more

Trigilio, John - Saints For Dummies, ebook

Saints For Dummies

Trigilio, John


An in-depth resource that separates fact from myth about the lives of saints
Saints For Dummies offers information on famous saints (both men and women) from the Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic traditions. With a historical biography on each saint including information on