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Stapleton, John H. - Explanation of Catholic Morals, ebook

Explanation of Catholic Morals

Stapleton, John H.


A fascinating look at the traditional Catholic view on various different moral subjects, such as the seven deadly sins, prayer and devotion, blasphemy and cursing, education, homicide and suicide, and many others.

Trigilio, John - Catholic Mass For Dummies, ebook

Catholic Mass For Dummies

Trigilio, John


An unintimidating guide to understanding the Catholic Mass
Throughout the centuries, the liturgy of the Church has taken a variety of regional and historical forms, but one thing has remained constant: the Mass has always been the central form of Catholic worship.

Leung, Beatrice K.F. - The Catholic Church in Taiwan, ebook

The Catholic Church in Taiwan

Leung, Beatrice K.F.


The Formosa Catholic Mission, 1626–1895
José Eugenio Borao Mateo
3. Catholic Church in Taiwan During the Japanese Occupation
Wei-ying Ku
4. External Influences on the Emergence of the Catholic Church

Ramet, Sabrina P. - The Catholic Church in Polish History, ebook

The Catholic Church in Polish History

Ramet, Sabrina P.


The Polish Church in the Era of the Partitions, 1772–1918
Sabrina P. Ramet
4. The Interwar Republic, 1918–1939
Sabrina P. Ramet
5. War Years and Communism, 1939–1989
Sabrina P. Ramet
6. Transition to Pluralism, 1989–2004

Chu, Cindy Yik-yi - The Catholic Church in China, ebook

The Catholic Church in China

Chu, Cindy Yik-yi


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Cindy Yik-yi Chu
2. Doors Opened in the 1980s
Cindy Yik-yi Chu
3. Modernization in the 1980s
Cindy Yik-yi Chu
4. Becoming Prosperous in the 1990s
Cindy Yik-yi Chu
5. The Dynamic 1990s

DelRosso, Jeana - The Catholic Church and Unruly Women Writers, ebook

The Catholic Church and Unruly Women Writers

DelRosso, Jeana


“I Grab the Microphone and Move My Body”— Volatile Speech, Volatile Bodies, and the Church’s Attempt to Measure Holiness
M. C. Bodden
4. Letters from the Convent: St. Teresa of Ávila’s Epistolary Mode
Joan F. Cammarata
5. Talking out of