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Enthaler, Stephan - Zinc Catalysis: Applications in Organic Synthesis, ebook

Zinc Catalysis: Applications in Organic Synthesis

Enthaler, Stephan


Filling the gap in the market for comprehensive coverage of this hot topic, this timely book covers a wide range of organic transformations, e. g. reductions of unsaturated compounds, oxidation reactions, Friedel-Crafts reactions, hydroamination reactions,…

Hanefeld, Ulf - Catalysis: An Integrated Textbook for Students, ebook

Catalysis: An Integrated Textbook for Students

Hanefeld, Ulf


Written by an excellent, highly experienced and motivated team of lecturers, this textbook is based on one of the most successful courses in catalysis and as such is tried-and-tested by generations of graduate and PhD students.
It covers all essential aspects of this important topic,

Poli, Rinaldo - Effects of Nanoconfinement on Catalysis, ebook

Effects of Nanoconfinement on Catalysis

Poli, Rinaldo


Endohedral Functionalization of Molecular Cavities for Catalysis in Confined Spaces
Laure Guy, Jean-Pierre Dutasta, Alexandre Martinez
2. Self-Assembled Coordination Cages and Organic Capsules as Catalytic Supramolecular Reaction Vessels
Jeanne L. Bolliger

Rothenberg, Gadi - Catalysis: Concepts and Green Applications, ebook

Catalysis: Concepts and Green Applications

Rothenberg, Gadi


This introductory textbook covers all aspects of catalysis. It also bridges computational methods, industrial applications and green chemistry, with over 700 references. The author, a renowned researcher in catalysis, teaches scientific writing as well

N?rskov, Jens K. - Fundamental Concepts in Heterogeneous Catalysis, ebook

Fundamental Concepts in Heterogeneous Catalysis

N?rskov, Jens K.


This book is based on a graduate course and suitable as a primer for any newcomer to the field, this book is a detailed introduction to the experimental and computational methods that are used to study how solid surfaces act as catalysts.