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Galizia, Paul Caruana - The Economy of Modern Malta, ebook

The Economy of Modern Malta

Galizia, Paul Caruana


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Development in the Long Run
Paul Caruana Galizia
2. Agriculture, 1800–1964
Paul Caruana Galizia
3. Industry and Trade, 1800–1938
Paul Caruana Galizia
4. The State and the Economy, 1939–1986
Paul Caruana Galizia
5. The Liberal Age, 1987–2008

Eskola, R.J.J. - Chess Fundamentals: Algebraic edition, ebook

Chess Fundamentals: Algebraic edition

Eskola, R.J.J.


Jose Capablanca's classic instructional manual 'Chess Fundamentals' first appeared in 1921, the year he defeated Emanuel Lasker for the world championship title. This handbook is packed with timeless advice on different aspects of practical play and illustrated…

Borg, Carmel - Social Class, Language and Power, ebook

Social Class, Language and Power

Borg, Carmel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carmel Borg, Mario Cardona, Sandro Caruana
2. Language Use and Style in ‘Lettera a Una Professoressa’
Carmel Borg, Mario Cardona, Sandro Caruana
3. Part One — Compulsory Schooling Cannot Fail…

Roossinck, Marilyn J. - Plant Virus Evolution, ebook

Plant Virus Evolution

Roossinck, Marilyn J.


Table of contents
1. Questions and Concepts in Plant Virus Evolution: a Historical Perspective
Fernando García-Arenal, Aurora Fraile
2. Community Ecology of Plant Viruses
Alison G. Power
3. Emerging Plant Viruses: a Diversity of Mechanisms and Opportunities
Maria R. Rojas, Robert L. Gilbertson

Özyer, Tansel - Mining Social Networks and Security Informatics, ebook

Mining Social Networks and Security Informatics

Özyer, Tansel


McDonald, Rich Caruana, Sholeh Forouzan, Cristina V. Lopes
12. Perspective on Measurement Metrics for Community Detection Algorithms
Yang Yang, Yizhou Sun, Saurav Pandit, Nitesh V. Chawla, Jiawei Han
13. A Study of Malware Propagation via Online Social Networking

Filho, Walter Leal - Handbook of Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development, ebook

Handbook of Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development

Filho, Walter Leal


Table of contents
1. Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development—Is Adult Education Left Behind?
Violeta Orlović Lovren, Katarina Popović
2. Teacher’s Competences in Sustainability During Lifelong Learning
V. Zenchanka, S. Zenchanka
3. Empowerment for Sustainability in a Community Context: Lifelong

Katsoni, Vicky - Innovative Approaches to Tourism and Leisure, ebook

Innovative Approaches to Tourism and Leisure

Katsoni, Vicky


The Impact of Social Media on the Lodging Performance of Five Star Hotels in Malta
Simon Caruana, Gabriella Farrugia
18. Augmenting Urban Places’ Identities with Novels
Dimitrios Makris, Maria Moira
19. The Importance of Customer Relationship Management

Katsoni, Vicky - Tourism and Culture in the Age of Innovation, ebook

Tourism and Culture in the Age of Innovation

Katsoni, Vicky


The Significance of Electronic Word-of-Mouth (e-WOM) Content in the Shaping of the Visitor’s Perception of Quality and Value
Simon Caruana, Claire Schembri
37. The Impact of New Emerging Technologies on Tourism Sector: Evidence from Lebanon
Andre Azouri,