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Hanna, Elias B. - Practical Cardiovascular Medicine, ebook

Practical Cardiovascular Medicine

Hanna, Elias B.


Prepare yourself for success with this unique cardiology primer which distils the core information you require and presents it in an easily digestible format.  
Provides cardiologists with a thorough and up-to-date review of cardiology, from pathophysiology…

Kwong, Raymond Y. - Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging, ebook

Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Kwong, Raymond Y.


Techniques in the Assessment of Cardiovascular Blood Flow and Velocity
Michael Markl
9. Fast-Imaging Techniques
Bruno Madore
10. Contrast Agents for Cardiovascular MRI
Hale Ersoy, Frank Rybicki, Martin Prince
11. Safety and Monitoring for Cardiac

Leahy, Martin J. - Microcirculation Imaging, ebook

Microcirculation Imaging

Leahy, Martin J.

From 124,30€

Edited by an international team of top experts, this is the ultimate handbook for every clinician and researcher relying on microcirculation imaging.

Kastler, Bruno - MRI of Cardiovascular Malformations, ebook

MRI of Cardiovascular Malformations

Kastler, Bruno


Table of contents
1. Patient Preparation: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques
Bruno Kastler
2. Cardiovascular Anatomy and Atlas of MR Normal Anatomy
Bruno Kastler
3. MRI Sequential Segmental Analysis and Identification of Anomalies
Bruno Kastler
4. Anomalous Systemic and Pulmonary Venous Connections

Mejia, Sergio - Cardiovascular English, ebook

Cardiovascular English

Mejia, Sergio


Cardiovascular Scientific Literature: Writing an Article
4. Letters to Editors of Cardiovascular Journals
5. Attending an International Cardiological Course
6. Giving a Cardiological Talk
7. Chairing a Cardiovascular Session
8. Usual Mistakes Made by