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Miljkovic, Momcilo - Carbohydrates, ebook


Miljkovic, Momcilo


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Momčilo Miljković
2. Conformational Analysis of Monosaccharides
Momčilo Miljković
3. Anomeric Effect
Momčilo Miljković
4. Isomerization of Sugars
Momčilo Miljković
5. Relative Reactivity of Hydroxyl Groups in Monosaccharides
Momčilo Miljković

Wrolstad, Ronald E. - Food Carbohydrate Chemistry, ebook

Food Carbohydrate Chemistry

Wrolstad, Ronald E.


Not since "Sugar Chemistry" by Shallenberger and Birch (1975) has a text clearly presented and applied basic carbohydrate chemistry to the quality attributes and functional properties of foods. Now in Food

Volpi, Nicola - Capillary Electrophoresis of Carbohydrates, ebook

Capillary Electrophoresis of Carbohydrates

Volpi, Nicola


Analysis of Simple Carbohydrates by Capillary Electrophoresis and Capillary Electrophoresis–Mass Spectrometry
Christian W. Klampfl, Markus Himmelsbach, Wolfgang Buchberger
2. Fluorophores and Chromophores for the Separation of Carbohydrates

Goff, H. Douglas - Ice Cream, ebook

Ice Cream

Goff, H. Douglas


Table of contents
1. The Ice Cream Industry
H. Douglas Goff, Richard W. Hartel
2. Composition and Formulations
H. Douglas Goff, Richard W. Hartel
3. Mix Ingredients
H. Douglas Goff, Richard W. Hartel
4. Flavoring and Coloring…

Boons, Geert-Jan - Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines and Immunotherapies, ebook

Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines and Immunotherapies

Boons, Geert-Jan


The fundamental science and the latest developments in carbohydrate-based vaccines
The relatively new field of glycoimmunology has emerged from the marriage of glycobiology and immunology, in recognition of the important role carbohydrates play as

Wong, Chi-Huey - Carbohydrate-based Drug Discovery, ebook

Carbohydrate-based Drug Discovery

Wong, Chi-Huey


This handbook presents the latest knowledge on carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry so as to exploit the full potential of this diverse compound class for the development of novel active substances. While it is unique in covering the entire field,