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Petäistö, Helena - Nizza, Cannes ja Biarritz a la Helena Petäistö, ebook

Nizza, Cannes ja Biarritz a la Helena Petäistö

Petäistö, Helena


Legendaarisen ulkomaanreportterin uusi kirjasarja kaupunkimatkailijoille esittelee kohteet suomalaisin silmin Helena Petäistö, tietokirjailija, MTV3:n pitkäaikainen ulkomaantoimittaja ja Ranskan-kirjeenvaihtaja, tuntee Ranskan Rivieran helmet, hurmaavan Nizzan ja glamoröösin Cannesin,

Coelho, Paulo - Voittaja on yksin, ebook

Voittaja on yksin

Coelho, Paulo


Kirjan tapahtumat sijoittuvat yhden vuorokauden ajalle Cannesin elokuvajuhlille. Kirjan henkilöhahmoihin kuuluu pelureita ja pintaliitäjiä, tuottajia ja näyttelijöitä, muotisuunnittelijoita ja huippumalleja, nousevia kykyjä ja himmeneviä tähtiä sekä pyrkyreitä

Planet, Lonely - Lonely Planet France's Best Trips, ebook

Lonely Planet France's Best Trips

Planet, Lonely


Get to France, rent a car, and hit the road! Inside Lonely Planet's France's Best Trips: Lavish colour and gorgeous photography throughout Itineraries and planning advice to pick the right tailored routes for your needs and interests Get around easily - 93 easy-to-read, full-colour route maps, detailed

Dovey, Lindiwe - Curating Africa in the Age of Film Festivals, ebook

Curating Africa in the Age of Film Festivals

Dovey, Lindiwe


Afri-Cannes? African Film and Filmmakers at the World’s Most Prestigious Film Festival
Lindiwe Dovey
4. “Where is Africa?” at the 2010 International Film Festival of Rotterdam
Lindiwe Dovey
5. African Film Festivals in Africa: Curating “African

Scapp, Ron - Fashion Statements, ebook

Fashion Statements

Scapp, Ron


You Cannes Come In Here Dressed Like That: A True Story in Two Shoes
Erin Norris
3. The Head Monkey at Paris: Henry David Thoreau on Fashion
David Farrell Krell
4. Fashion Statements: Communication and Culture
Malcolm Barnard
5. Tech Savvy:

Scott, Ken - A Million Would Be Nice, ebook

A Million Would Be Nice

Scott, Ken


Good looks, top job in the city, Ferrari, second and third homes in Paris and Cannes, not to mention a spacious penthouse overlooking the Thames. Yes, it seemed Donavan Smith had it all. And the girls. ready and willing. And if, every now and again, they weren't so willing, Donavan had his

Sudar, Vlastimir - A Portrait of the Artist as a Political Dissident, ebook

A Portrait of the Artist as a Political Dissident

Sudar, Vlastimir


He was also acclaimed internationally, and the first Yugoslav director to win prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, in 1967, as well as Oscar nominations in 1967 and 1968. His film, I Even Met Happy Gypsies (1967), was seen by 200,000 people in Paris alone, and was extensively

White, Liam - Mitchum, Mexico and the Good Neighbours Era, ebook

Mitchum, Mexico and the Good Neighbours Era

White, Liam


Mitchum’s sequence of films south of the border coincided with the advent of the ‘golden age’ of Mexico’s own film industry, a new cinematic wave that drew on serious artistic influences from the muralists to Sergei Eisenstein, and that was led by director Emilio Fernández and cinematographer