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Burd, Barry - Java 2 For Dummies, ebook

Java 2 For Dummies

Burd, Barry


This updated bestseller covers programming essentials for the newest version of Java, the popular platform-independent, object-oriented programming language The material is fully updated and focuses on the new

Horton, Ivor - Beginning Java 2, ebook

Beginning Java 2

Horton, Ivor


What is this book about?
The Java language has been growing from strength to strength since its inception in 1995. It has since proved to be both powerful and extraordinarily easy to learn and use. This is what makes it ideal for the beginner. With dramatic changes to the handling

Greanier, Todd - Java Foundations, ebook

Java Foundations

Greanier, Todd


Java Foundations provides essential knowledge about what has arguably become the world's most important programming language. What you learn here will benefit you in the short term, as you acquire and practice your skills, and in the long term, as you use them.

Cole, Jim - MySQL and Java Developer's Guide, ebook

MySQL and Java Developer's Guide

Cole, Jim


Shows Java developers everything they need to know to build Java database applications with MySQL. Takes a hands-on, code-intensive approach in which readers will learn how to build a sophisticated Web database management application. Begins with a

Marinilli, Mauro - Professional Java User Interfaces, ebook

Professional Java User Interfaces

Marinilli, Mauro


This book covers the full development life cycle for professional GUI design in Java, from cost estimation and design to coding and testing. Focuses on building high quality industrial strength software in Java Ready-to-use source code is given throughout

Grand, Mark - Java Enterprise Design Patterns : Patterns in Java, ebook

Java Enterprise Design Patterns : Patterns in Java

Grand, Mark


A how-to guide for Java programmers who want to use design patterns when developing real-world enterprise applications
This practical book explores the subject of design patterns, or patterns that occur in the design phase of a project's life cycle. With an emphasis on Java

Daum, Berthold - Professional Eclipse 3 for Java Developers, ebook

Professional Eclipse 3 for Java Developers

Daum, Berthold


Step-by-step guide that introduces novices to using all major features of Eclipse 3 Eclipse is an open source extensible integrated development environment (IDE) that helps Java programmers build best-of-breed integrated tools covering the whole software lifecycle-from conceptual modeling