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Nguyen, Cam - Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering, ebook

Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering

Nguyen, Cam


Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering addresses the theory, analysis and design of passive and active RFIC's using Si-based CMOS and Bi-CMOS technologies, and other non-silicon based technologies. The materials covered are self-contained and…

Cam, Surhan - Labour in a Global World, ebook

Labour in a Global World

Cam, Surhan


The View from the UK — Mature Markets, High Imports and Other Problems
Theo Nichols, Surhan Cam
3. South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe — White Goods in Post-Colonial Societies: Markets, the State and Production
Andries Bezuidenhout
4. China —

Runge, Marschall S. - Principles of Molecular Cardiology, ebook

Principles of Molecular Cardiology

Runge, Marschall S.


Table of contents
I. Overview
1. Cardiovascular Genetics
Christopher Semsarian, Christine Seidman
2. Molecular Biology Applications in Cardiovascular Medicine
Eugene Yang, Scott M. Wasserman, Tatsuro Ishida, Raymond Tabibiazar, Thomas Quertermous
3. Genomics and Its Application to Cardiovascular Disease

Runge, Marschall S. - Principles of Molecular Medicine, ebook

Principles of Molecular Medicine

Runge, Marschall S.


Table of contents
I. Genetics
1. Mendelian Inheritance
Bruce R. Korf
2. Nontraditional Inheritance
Shawn E. McCandless, Suzanne B. Cassidy
3. Identifying Causal Genetic Factors
Christopher I. Amos, John S. Witte, William G.…