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Onstott, Scott - Enhancing CAD Drawings with Photoshop, ebook

Enhancing CAD Drawings with Photoshop

Onstott, Scott


"If you're an architect looking to get the most out of Photoshop, look no further! Enhancing CAD Drawings with Photoshop is a killer book."
—George Omura, Author, Mastering AutoCAD 2005 and AutoCAD LT 2005
Bring Your CAD Drawings

Stroud, Ian - Solid Modelling and CAD Systems, ebook

Solid Modelling and CAD Systems

Stroud, Ian


The CAD Interface and Graphical Output
Ian Anthony Stroud, Hildegarde Nagy
8. Information and Properties
Ian Anthony Stroud, Hildegarde Nagy
9. Databases and Data Exchange
Ian Anthony Stroud, Hildegarde Nagy
10. Features
Ian Anthony Stroud,

Mandal, Dipak Kumar - CAD/CAM, Robotics and Factories of the Future, ebook

CAD/CAM, Robotics and Factories of the Future

Mandal, Dipak Kumar


Need of Agriculture Hand Tool Design Using Quality and Ergonomics Principles
Rahul Jain, M. L. Meena, G. S. Dangayach
10. Inverse Dynamics and Feet-Terrain Collision Model for Optimal Distribution of the Contact Forces During Crab Motion of a Hexapod Robot

Visser, Hubregt - Approximate Antenna Modeling for CAD, ebook

Approximate Antenna Modeling for CAD

Visser, Hubregt


This step-by-step guide provides the reader with a detailed and thorough introduction to practical antenna design and model implementation
In this book, Hubregt J. Visser provides an introduction to the fundamentals of antenna design and the

McKelvey, Kathryn - Fashion Design: Process, Innovation and Practice, ebook

Fashion Design: Process, Innovation and Practice

McKelvey, Kathryn


Shows how the design process can be successfully applied to satisfy market needs and trends
Fashion design seems to be a glamorous mystery for which only the fortunate few have sufficient talent to succeed. In reality, commercially successful results

Taura, Toshiharu - Design Creativity 2010, ebook

Design Creativity 2010

Taura, Toshiharu


Discussion on Direction of Design Creativity Research (Part 1) - New Definition of Design and Creativity: Beyond the Problem-Solving Paradigm
Toshiharu Taura, Yukari Nagai
2. Discussion on Direction of Design

Dong, Hua - Designing Around People, ebook

Designing Around People

Dong, Hua


Representing Children Living with Visual Impairments in the Design Process: A Case Study with Personae
E. Brulé, C. Jouffrais
4. Inclusive Design and Mental Health: Policy and Legislation Challenges from the Perspective

Bordegoni, Monica - Innovation in Product Design, ebook

Innovation in Product Design

Bordegoni, Monica


From Computer-Aided (Detailed) Design to Automatic Topology and Shape Generation
Gaetano Cascini, Federico Rotini
3. Methods and Tools for Knowledge Sharing in Product Development
Marco Bertoni, Christian Johansson, Tobias C. Larsson
4. Evolution in

Simpson, Philip - FPGA Design, ebook

FPGA Design

Simpson, Philip


Table of contents
1. Best Practices for Successful FPGA Design
Philip Simpson
2. Project Management
Philip Simpson
3. Design Specification
Philip Simpson
4. Resource Scoping
Philip Simpson
5. Design Environment
Philip Simpson
6. Board Design
Philip Simpson
7. Power and Thermal

Birkhofer, Herbert - The Future of Design Methodology, ebook

The Future of Design Methodology

Birkhofer, Herbert


Is Engineering Design Disappearing from Design Research?
M. M. Andreasen, T. J. Howard
3. Methodical Support for the Development of Modular Product Families
D. Krause, S. Eilmus
4. Risk-Driven Design Processes: