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Jost, Wolfram - AGILITY by ARIS Business Process Management, ebook

AGILITY by ARIS Business Process Management

Jost, Wolfram


Business Process Lifecycle
1. ARIS — Software, Method and Instrument
Helmut Kruppke, Wolfram Jost, Herbert Kindermann
2. Business Processes Support Growth at BMW Group Financial Services
Nicolas Lacker
3. Practical

Brocke, Jan - Handbook on Business Process Management 2, ebook

Handbook on Business Process Management 2

Brocke, Jan


Delivering Business Strategy Through Process Management
Roger Burlton
2. Management of Process Excellence
Mathias Kirchmer
3. Process Capital as Strategic Success Factor: The Lufthansa Example
Markus Brenner, André Coners
4. Process Classification

Mohapatra, Sanjay - Business Process Reengineering, ebook

Business Process Reengineering

Mohapatra, Sanjay


Business Process Management (Process Life Cycle, Process Maturity)
Sanjay Mohapatra
5. Organization Life Cycle and Its Relationship with Process Reengineering
Sanjay Mohapatra
6. Business Process Modelling
Sanjay Mohapatra
7. People Issues with

Han, Shengnan - Prioritising Business Processes, ebook

Prioritising Business Processes

Han, Shengnan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jens Ohlsson, Shengnan Han
2. Knowledge Base
Jens Ohlsson, Shengnan Han
3. The Prioritisation and Categorisation Method—PCM
Jens Ohlsson, Shengnan Han
4. Evaluation of the PCM
Jens Ohlsson,…