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Nádai, László - Critical Infrastructure Protection Research, ebook

Critical Infrastructure Protection Research

Nádai, László


The First Critical Infrastructure Protection Research Project in Hungary
Tibor Babos
2. Weather Forecasting System for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Missions with the Special Regard to Visibility Prediction, in Hungary
Zsolt Bottyán, Zoltán Tuba,

Grubesic, Tony H. - Critical Infrastructure, ebook

Critical Infrastructure

Grubesic, Tony H.


Continuity in Critical Network Infrastructures: Accounting for Nodal Disruptions
Tony H. Grubesic, Alan T. Murray, Jessica N. Mefford
11. Analysis of Facility Systems’ Reliability When Subject to Attack or a Natural Disaster
Richard Church, M. Paola

Dominici, Gandolfo - Governing Business Systems, ebook

Governing Business Systems

Dominici, Gandolfo


Table of contents
1. Financing Management of Companies
Eleonora Kontuš
2. A New Approach to the Management of Cash in a Company
Eleonora Kontuš
3. Governing Complex Strategic Networks: Emergence Versus Enabling Effects
Gabriella Levanti
4. Challenges of the Priority Sectors of Entrepreneurship in

Kidd, John B. - Infrastructure and Productivity in Asia, ebook

Infrastructure and Productivity in Asia

Kidd, John B.


Infrastructure, Systems and Education
1. Infrastructure and Its ‘Sticky’ Interconnections: Perspectives from Asia
John B. Kidd, Frank-Jürgen Richter
2. The Role of Human Capital and Intelligence in the Economic Development of the Asian Economies

, René Peinl - Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures, ebook

Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures

, René Peinl


Table of contents
2. Foundation
Ronald Maier, Thomas Hädrich, René Peinl
3. Infrastructure
Ronald Maier, Thomas Hädrich, René Peinl
4. Integration Services
Ronald Maier, Thomas Hädrich, René Peinl
5. Knowledge Services