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Storchevoy, Maxim - Business Ethics as a Science, ebook

Business Ethics as a Science

Storchevoy, Maxim


Table of contents
1. Welfare Economics
Maxim Storchevoy
2. Economics and Ethics after the 1950s
Maxim Storchevoy
3. Business Ethics: Normative, Positive, and Practical
Maxim Storchevoy
4. Business Ethics: Normative Approaches
Maxim Storchevoy
5. Business Ethics: Moral Issues and Dilemmas

Bowie, Norman E. - Business Ethics For Dummies, ebook

Business Ethics For Dummies

Bowie, Norman E.


The tools you need to deal with ethical dilemmas in business
In today's world, it's increasingly important for all businesses and government agencies to implement ethical conduct in the workplace. Therefore, business ethics

Boylan, Michael - Business Ethics, ebook

Business Ethics

Boylan, Michael


The second edition of Business Ethics introduces readers to key ethical issues that arise within the world of business, providing a strong theoretical foundation as well as real world applications. This new edition

Henn, Stephen K. - Business Ethics: A Case Study Approach, ebook

Business Ethics: A Case Study Approach

Henn, Stephen K.


An important guide for senior management on structuring an organization to promote ethical behavior and enhance performance
Designed for senior leaders of organizations–boards of directors; C-level executives; trustees; managing partners; government officials; and anyone tasked with a duty–Business

Fredrick, Robert - A Companion to Business Ethics, ebook

A Companion to Business Ethics

Fredrick, Robert


In a series of articles specifically commossioned for this volume, some of today's most distinguished business ethicists survey the main areas of interest and concern in the field of business ethics.
Sections of the book cover topics such as the often easy relation between business