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M’Sirdi, Nacer - Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, ebook

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

M’Sirdi, Nacer


Energy Management Strategy for Commercial Buildings Integrating PV and Storage Systems
He Zhang, Arnaud Davigny, Jonathan Sprooten, Benoit Robyns, Frederic Colas, Yvan Poste
15. A Triple-Cell Concentrator PV System with No Current-Matching and No Lattice-Matching

Hakansson, Anne - Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, ebook

Sustainability in Energy and Buildings

Hakansson, Anne


An Investigation of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Heating Systems for Buildings: Combining Photovoltaics with Heat Pump
Arefeh Hesaraki, Sture Holmberg
19. Assessment of Solar Radiation Potential for Different Cities in Iran Using a Temperature-Based Method

Moncaster, Alice - Embodied Carbon in Buildings, ebook

Embodied Carbon in Buildings

Moncaster, Alice


Probabilistic Approaches to the Measurement of Embodied Carbon in Buildings
J. Gantner, W. Fawcett, I. Ellingham
3. Uncertainty Assessment of Comparative Design Stage Embodied Carbon Assessments
S. Richardson, K. Hyde, J. Connaughton
4. Embodied Carbon

Sayigh, Ali - Mediterranean Green Buildings & Renewable Energy, ebook

Mediterranean Green Buildings & Renewable Energy

Sayigh, Ali


Green Buildings and Renewable Energy Application Based on Life Cycle Performance Costing
Wim Zeiler, Anna Vanderveen, Wim Maassen, Rik Maaijen
7. A Comparative Study Between Photovoltaic Pumping Systems Using a Permanent Magnet DC Motor and an Induction Motor

Zhang, Tianbiao - Instrumentation, Measurement, Circuits and Systems, ebook

Instrumentation, Measurement, Circuits and Systems

Zhang, Tianbiao


Analysis of Occupational Accidents during Construction of Buildings Using Classification and Regression Tree
Chia-Wen Liao
119. Weapons Program Based on an Integrated Management Model of the Hall
Yongtao Yu, Ying Ding
120. Opinion Search and Opinion

Battisti, Lorenzo - Wind Energy Exploitation in Urban Environment, ebook

Wind Energy Exploitation in Urban Environment

Battisti, Lorenzo


Wake Measurements of Small-Scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbines at Politecnico Di Milano: A Critical Review
G. Persico, V. Dossena, A. Zasso
10. A Review Based on Evaluation Experiences with Ten-Years Activity in VAWT Experimental Wind Tunnel Testing
L. Battisti,