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Jacob, Robert J.K. - Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces IV, ebook

Computer-Aided Design of User Interfaces IV

Jacob, Robert J.K.


The Influence of Improved Task Models on Dialogues
Anke Dittmar, Peter Forbrig
2. Task-Based Web Modelling: The Web Object Life Cycle Modelling Concept
Birgit Bomsdorf, Gerd Szwillus
3. Model-Based Design of Online Help Systems
Milene Selbach Silveira,

Dong, Hua - Breaking Down Barriers, ebook

Breaking Down Barriers

Dong, Hua


The Effect of Age and Gender on Task Performance in the Automobile
L. Skrypchuk, A. Mouzakitis, P. M. Langdon, P. J. Clarkson
3. Introducing Assistive Technology and Universal Design Theory, Applications in Design Education
Y. M. Choi
4. Exploring

Ahram, Tareq - Intelligent Human Systems Integration, ebook

Intelligent Human Systems Integration

Ahram, Tareq


What Are the Benefits of Newly Developed Medical Devices When the User Does not Use Them? – An Investigation of Hearing Aid Use
Verena Wagner-Hartl
27. Development of an Active Upper Limb Orthosis Controlled by EMG with Upper Arm Rotation
Akihiko Hanafusa,