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Chappell, David - Building Law Encyclopaedia, ebook

Building Law Encyclopaedia

Chappell, David


Building Law Encyclopaedia is a concise and authoritative reference, providing information in reasonable depth on an extensive number of legal terms, principles, phrases and issues that are commonly encountered in the construction industry. Most standard

Furmston, Michael - Building Contract Casebook, ebook

Building Contract Casebook

Furmston, Michael


By bringing together a wide range of cases on the main aspects of construction contract law Building Contract Casebook will help all construction professionals get to know and understand the legal principles established in each case. The casebook presents,

Chappell, David - Building Contract Claims, ebook

Building Contract Claims

Chappell, David


Many building projects are the subject of claims – the assertion of a right, usually by the contractor, to an extension of the contract period or an additional payment under the terms of the building contract. Many of these claims are unsound or

Beck, Robert J. - Law and Disciplinarity, ebook

Law and Disciplinarity

Beck, Robert J.


The Nature of International Law as Subject and Discipline
2. The Relative Autonomy of International Law or the Forgotten Politics of Interdisciplinarity
Jan Klabbers
3. Speed Limits and Speed Bumps: The Fictions and

Klabbers, Jan - The Internationalization of Law and Legal Education, ebook

The Internationalization of Law and Legal Education

Klabbers, Jan


Internationalizing the American Law School Curriculum (in Light of the Carnegie Foundation’s Report)
Larry Catá Backer
6. Resolving Multicultural Legal Cases: A Bottom Up Perspective on the Internationalization of Law
Wibo M. Rossum
7. Maternity

Masferrer, Aniceto - The Western Codification of Criminal Law, ebook

The Western Codification of Criminal Law

Masferrer, Aniceto


Tradition and Foreign Influences in the 19th Century Codification of Criminal Law: Dispelling the Myth of the Pervasive French Influence in Europe and Latin America
Aniceto Masferrer
Part II. Europe
2. The Influence of the Napoleonic Penal Code on the Development

Chappell, David - The JCT Standard Building Contract 2011, ebook

The JCT Standard Building Contract 2011

Chappell, David


This is a straightforward and concise book about a complex but commonly used standard building contract. As far as possible free of legal jargon, it sets out exactly what the recently revised JCT Standard Building Contract 2011 requires in various circumstances.