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Kabre, Chitrarekha - Sustainable Building Design, ebook

Sustainable Building Design

Kabre, Chitrarekha


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Chitrarekha Kabre
2. Climate, Comfort and Sun
Chitrarekha Kabre
3. Design Strategies
Chitrarekha Kabre
4. Design Case Studies
Chitrarekha Kabre
5. Climatic Data
Chitrarekha Kabre
6. Erratum to: Design Case Studies
Chitrarekha Kabre

Gwynne, Anthony - Guide to Building Control, ebook

Guide to Building Control

Gwynne, Anthony


To clarify the practical requirements of the Building Regs and help you meet their requirements first go, all the information contained in the Building Regulations 2010 and Approved Documents is presented here in an easy-to-understand format, clear,

Emmitt, Stephen - Barry's Introduction to Construction of Buildings, ebook

Barry's Introduction to Construction of Buildings

Emmitt, Stephen


An authoritative, well-established, comprehensive, practical, and highly illustrated guide to construction practice
Based mainly on domestic and residential buildings—and filled with extensive illustrations throughout—this concise text is the ideal introduction to the subject of