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Herat, Manel - Buddhism and Linguistics, ebook

Buddhism and Linguistics

Herat, Manel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Manel Herat
2. The Buddhist Philosophy of Language in India: An Overview
Viktoria Lysenko
3. The Finger and the Moon: Language, Reality, and Interpretation in Zen Buddhism
Duane Williams
4. Semiotics as Soteriology: A Different Look at Mediaeval Japanese Buddhism

Albahari, Miri - Analytical Buddhism, ebook

Analytical Buddhism

Albahari, Miri


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Two-Tiered Illusion of Self
Miri Albahari
2. Some Central Distinctions and the Four Noble Truths
Miri Albahari
3. Nibbāna
Miri Albahari
4. The Definition and Status of Self in Buddhism

Vaziri, Mostafa - Buddhism in Iran, ebook

Buddhism in Iran

Vaziri, Mostafa


Table of contents
Part 1. The Beginning
1. Introduction to the Buddha’s Key Spiritual and Philosophical Concepts
Mostafa Vaziri
Part 2. The Early Interactions
2. The Early Spread and Influences of Buddhism in Iran
Mostafa Vaziri
3. Mānī, “the Buddha of Light”
Mostafa Vaziri
Part 3. The

Faure, Bernard - Unmasking Buddhism, ebook

Unmasking Buddhism

Faure, Bernard


An ideal introduction to Buddhism for anyone who has unanswered questions about one of the world's largest and most popular religions. A fascinating, short book that challenges us to strip away existing preconceptions we may have about BuddhismConsiders questions such as: Can we talk of

Deal, William E. - A Cultural History of Japanese Buddhism, ebook

A Cultural History of Japanese Buddhism

Deal, William E.


A Cultural History of Japanese Buddhism offers a comprehensive, nuanced, and chronological account of the evolution of Buddhist religion in Japan from the sixth century to the present day. Traces each period of Japanese history to reveal the complex and often controversial histories of

Ng, Edwin - Buddhism and Cultural Studies, ebook

Buddhism and Cultural Studies

Ng, Edwin


Of Intellectual Hospitality, Buddhism and Deconstruction
Edwin Ng
5. The ‘Religious Question’ in Foucault’s Genealogies of Experience
Edwin Ng
6. The Care of Self and Spiritually Engaged Cultural Studies
Edwin Ng
7. A Foucauldian Analysis