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Reisman, David - James Buchanan, ebook

James Buchanan

Reisman, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Reisman
2. Individuals and Agreements
David Reisman
3. Rules without Regulators
David Reisman
4. Social Justice: Buchanan and Rawls
David Reisman
5. Social Evolution: Buchanan and Hayek
David Reisman
6. Acts and Rules
David Reisman

Buchanan, Judith - The Writer on Film, ebook

The Writer on Film

Buchanan, Judith


Judith Buchanan
Part I. Cinema’s Versions and Uses of Literary Lives
2. The writer in film: authorship and imagination
Laura Marcus
3. ‘Here is the story of my career…’: the woman writer on film
Sonia Haiduc
4. ‘Mad,

Buchanan, Tom - Europe's Troubled Peace: 1945 to the Present, ebook

Europe's Troubled Peace: 1945 to the Present

Buchanan, Tom


This revised second edition now extends to the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, covering the financial crisis and the related crisis in European integration, the impact of the “War on Terror” on Europe, and the redefinition…

Buchanan, Ann - Grandfathers, ebook


Buchanan, Ann


Grandfathers: The Parents’ Perspective in the United Kingdom
Anne-Marie O’Leary, Ann Buchanan
6. Maori Grandfathers in Aotearoa (New Zealand)
Judith Davey, Cherryl Smith
7. What Do Grandfathers Value? Understanding Grandfatherhood in Asia Through

Barker, Phil - Spirituality and Mental Health: Breakthrough, ebook

Spirituality and Mental Health: Breakthrough

Barker, Phil


This text explores spirituality and its relationship to mental health. It emphasizes the need to look inward and listen to the messages which are channelled through our beings, rather than dismiss these experiences as some form of "disorder".

Buchanan, Nina K. - The Wiley Handbook of School Choice, ebook

The Wiley Handbook of School Choice

Buchanan, Nina K.


The Wiley Handbook of School Choice presents a comprehensive collection of original essays addressing the wide range of alternatives to traditional public schools available in contemporary US society.
A comprehensive collection of the latest research…

Abu, Anthony Kwabena - Structural Design for Fire Safety, ebook

Structural Design for Fire Safety

Abu, Anthony Kwabena


Buchanan, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Anthony K. Abu, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
A practical and informative guide to structural fire engineering
This book presents a comprehensive overview of structural fire engineering.