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High, Steven - Base Colonies in the Western Hemisphere, 1940–1967, ebook

Base Colonies in the Western Hemisphere, 1940–1967

High, Steven


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Steven High
2. The United States and Hemispheric Defense
Steven High
3. The Tourism Politics of Base Location in Bermuda
Steven High
4. Working for Uncle Sam in Newfoundland
Steven High
5. “You Can’t Eat Dignity”: Race and Labor in the British Caribbean

McDermott, Alex - Australian History for Dummies, ebook

Australian History for Dummies

McDermott, Alex


Be there as British colonists explore Australia's harsh terrain with varying degrees of success. In this informative guide you'll
Find out about Australia's infamous bushrangers Learn how the discovery of gold caused a tidal wave of immigration from all over the

DeMaria, Robert - British Literature 1640-1789: An Anthology, ebook

British Literature 1640-1789: An Anthology

DeMaria, Robert


Spanning the period from the British Civil War to the French Revolution, the fourth edition of this successful anthology increases its coverage of canonical writings, plays, and of the development of British Literature in the American colonies.

Lombard, Anne - Colonial America: A History to 1763, ebook

Colonial America: A History to 1763

Lombard, Anne


Fully revised and expanded fourth edition, with updated bibliographyIncludes new coverage of the simultaneous development of French, Spanish, and Dutch colonies in North America, and extensively re-written and updated chapters on families and womenFeatures enhanced

Leonard, Dick - Eighteenth-Century British Premiers, ebook

Eighteenth-Century British Premiers

Leonard, Dick


Table of contents
1. Introduction — The Road to the Prime Ministership
Dick Leonard
2. Robert Walpole, First Earl of Orford — ‘All These Men Have Their Price’
Dick Leonard
3. Spencer Compton, First Earl of Wilmington — ‘George II’s Favourite Nonentity’
Dick Leonard
4. Henry Pelham —

Young, Robert JC - Empire, Colony, Postcolony, ebook

Empire, Colony, Postcolony

Young, Robert JC


This key introduction to the field explains in clear and accessible language the historical and theoretical origins of the political formations of empire, colony, postcolony, nation and globalization. Providing a clear and effective historical narrative…

Middeke, Martin - The Literature of Melancholia, ebook

The Literature of Melancholia

Middeke, Martin


Mourning and Melancholia in England and Its Transatlantic Colonies: Examples of Seventeenth-Century Female Appropriations
Gabriele Rippl
5. ‘To pictur’d Regions and imagin’d Worlds’: Female Melancholic Writing and the Poems of Mary Leapor