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Harte, Liam - The Literature of the Irish in Britain, ebook

The Literature of the Irish in Britain

Harte, Liam


John O’Neill, ‘Fifty Years’ Experience of an Irish Shoemaker in London’
Liam Harte
5. Michael Fagg, The Life and Adventures of a Limb of the Law
Liam Harte
6. James Dawson Burn, The Autobiography of a Beggar Boy
Liam Harte
7. Jane

Ingelbien, Raphaël - Irish Cultures of Travel, ebook

Irish Cultures of Travel

Ingelbien, Raphaël


‘Brethren and Sisters Going Abroad’: Irish Travel Writing Beyond the Grand Tour
Raphaël Ingelbien
3. Towards ‘Mass’ Irish Tourism: Infrastructures of Travel and of Public Discourse
Raphaël Ingelbien

Mannion, Elizabeth - The Contemporary Irish Detective Novel, ebook

The Contemporary Irish Detective Novel

Mannion, Elizabeth


Table of contents
1. A Path to Emerald Noir: The Rise of the Irish Detective Novel
Elizabeth Mannion
2. Hello Dálaigh: Peter Tremayne’s Sister Fidelma
Nancy Marck Cantwell
3. A ‘honeycomb world’: John Connolly’s Charlie Parker Series
Brian Cliff
4. ‘Where no kindness goes unpunished’:

Harte, Liam - Modern Irish Autobiography, ebook

Modern Irish Autobiography

Harte, Liam


‘With a Heroic Life and a Governing Mind’: Nineteenth-Century Irish Nationalist Autobiography
Sean Ryder
3. Creating the Self, Recreating the Nation: The Politics of Irish Literary Autobiography from Moore to Behan