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Andrews, Hannah - Television and British Cinema, ebook

Television and British Cinema

Andrews, Hannah


Commercialism and Quality: Television Institutions and the British Film Industry, 1998–2002
Hannah Andrews
Part II. Convergence and Divergence in the Digital Age
5. Digital Departures: Television Institutions and Low-Budget Production
Hannah Andrews

Forshaw, Barry - British Gothic Cinema, ebook

British Gothic Cinema

Forshaw, Barry


Undermining British Cinema: Gothic Horror in the 1930s and 1940s and Censorship
Barry Forshaw
5. Bloody Revolution: The Worldwide Impact of Hammer’s Cottage Industry
Barry Forshaw
6. Beyond the Aristocracy

Hammond, Michael - British Silent Cinema and the Great War, ebook

British Silent Cinema and the Great War

Hammond, Michael


Remembrance, Re-membering and Recollection: Walter Summers and the British War Film of the 1920s
Lawrence Napper
9. ‘Fire, Blood and Steel’: Memory and Spectacle in The Guns of Loos (Sinclair Hill, 1928)
Michael Williams
Part III. Notes from the

Glynn, Stephen - The British School Film, ebook

The British School Film

Glynn, Stephen


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. The School Film: A British Genre?
Stephen Glynn
Part II. The Early Years Programme (1900–45)
2. The Early Public School Film (1900–1945)
Stephen Glynn
Part III. The Middle Years Programme (1945–70)
3. The Post-War Public School Film (1945–70)

Barber, Sian - The British Film Industry in the 1970s, ebook

The British Film Industry in the 1970s

Barber, Sian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sian Barber
2. Film and Cultural History
Sian Barber
3. Understanding the 1970s
Sian Barber
4. Film and Government
Sian Barber
5. Funding Innovation
Sian Barber
6. Movers and…

Forshaw, Barry - British Crime Film, ebook

British Crime Film

Forshaw, Barry


Table of contents
1. A Social History of the Crime Film
Barry Forshaw
2. The Age of Austerity: Post-War Crime Films
Barry Forshaw
3. Class and Crime: Social Divisions
Barry Forshaw
4. Between Left and Right: Politics and Individuals

Bondebjerg, Ib - European Cinema and Television, ebook

European Cinema and Television

Bondebjerg, Ib


National Cinemas — European Cinemas
7. British Cinema, Europe and the Global Reach for Audiences
Andrew Higson
8. The East Meets the West in Contemporary Eastern European Films
Ewa Mazierska
9. New Voices, New Stories: Migrant Cinema