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Grainger, J.H. - Tony Blair and the Ideal Type, ebook

Tony Blair and the Ideal Type

Grainger, J.H.


The 'ideal type' is Max Weber's hypothetical leading democratic politician, whom the author finds realized in Tony Blair. He is a politician emerging from no obvious mould, treading no well-beaten path to high office, and having few affinities of tone, character or style with his predecessors.

Casey, Terrence - The Blair Legacy, ebook

The Blair Legacy

Casey, Terrence


The Blair Government, Devolution and Regionalism in the United Kingdom
Jonathan Bradbury
15. Mayors, Monitors and Measurers: Blair’s Legacy to Local Democracy
Chris Game
16. The Constitutional Revolution of Tony

Lee, Peter - Blair’s Just War, ebook

Blair’s Just War

Lee, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter Lee
2. Blair and just intervention
Peter Lee
3. Are we sure of our case?
Peter Lee
4. Views from the academy
Peter Lee
5. Authority, legitimacy and war
Peter Lee
6. Regime change
Peter Lee
7. Confronting tyranny
Peter Lee
8. Protecting

Kelly, Paul - Willie Blair, ebook

Willie Blair

Kelly, Paul


Willie Blair was a young boy born in Glasgow, with five other siblings… Charlie Blair was Willie’s elder brother being only a few years older than Willie, but Charlie was more attractive to the girls as he was blonde and had blue eyes and his job

Green, Anthony - Blair’s Educational Legacy, ebook

Blair’s Educational Legacy

Green, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Blair and New Labour: Contexts, Legacies, and Prospects for Educating the Educators
Anthony Green
2. Education and the Crunch: Gloom and Opportunities
Patrick Ainley, Martin Allen
3. Education, Education, Education or Business, Business, Business?
Kevin Farnsworth
4. Valorisation

Blair, John - Waterways and Canal-Building in Medieval England, ebook

Waterways and Canal-Building in Medieval England

Blair, John


The first study of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman canals and waterways, this book is based on new evidence surrounding the nature of water transport in the period. A collection of essays from economic historians, geographers, geomorphologists, archaeologists,…

Blair, Dale - Australian Rules Football During the First World War, ebook

Australian Rules Football During the First World War

Blair, Dale


Table of contents
1. War!
Dale Blair, Rob Hess
2. ‘King Football’
Dale Blair, Rob Hess
3. Football Under Siege
Dale Blair, Rob Hess
4. Women, War and Football
Dale Blair, Rob Hess
5. Football and the Military
Dale Blair, Rob Hess
6. Conscription
Dale Blair, Rob Hess
7. “Like