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Lee, Sang Yup - Industrial Biotechnology: Microorganisms, ebook

Industrial Biotechnology: Microorganisms

Lee, Sang Yup


The latest volume in the Advanced Biotechnology series provides an overview of the main production hosts and platform organisms used today as well as promising future cell factories in a two volume book. Alongside describing tools for genetic and metabolic engineering for strain improvement,

Hammelehle, Ruth - Biotechnology: An Illustrated Primer, ebook

Biotechnology: An Illustrated Primer

Hammelehle, Ruth


Now presented in large format, the new Schmid is the ideal primer in biotechnology. The two-page layout with one page being a full color figure and the opposite page being explanatory text is the ideal combination between rapid visual-based learning with in depth information.

Kent, James A. - Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology, ebook

Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology

Kent, James A.


Green Engineering: Integration of Green Chemistry, Pollution Prevention, and Risk-Based Considerations
David Shonnard, Angela Lindner, Nhan Nguyen, Palghat A. Ramachandran, Daniel Fichana, Robert Hesketh, C. Stewart Slater, Richard Engler
6. Industrial Catalysis:

Wang, Lawrence K. - Environmental Biotechnology, ebook

Environmental Biotechnology

Wang, Lawrence K.


Table of contents
1. Applications of Environmental Biotechnology
Volodymyr Ivanov, Yung-Tse Hung
2. Microbiology of Environmental Engineering Systems
Volodymyr Ivanov
3. Microbial Systematics
Aharon Oren
4. Microbial Ecology
Nicolai S. Panikov
5. Microbial Metabolism: Importance for Environmental

Gobbetti, Marco - Handbook on Sourdough Biotechnology, ebook

Handbook on Sourdough Biotechnology

Gobbetti, Marco


Table of contents
1. History and Social Aspects of Sourdough
Stefan Cappelle, Lacaze Guylaine, M. Gänzle, M. Gobbetti
2. Chemistry of Cereal Grains
Peter Koehler, Herbert Wieser
3. Technology of Baked Goods
Maria Ambrogina Pagani, Gabriella Bottega, Manuela Mariotti
4. Technology of Sourdough Fermentation