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Schmid, Rolf D. - Biotechnology: An Illustrated Primer, ebook

Biotechnology: An Illustrated Primer

Schmid, Rolf D.


Now presented in large format, the new Schmid is the ideal primer in biotechnology. The two-page layout with one page being a full color figure and the opposite page being explanatory text is the ideal combination between rapid visual-based learning with in depth information.

Lee, Byong H. - Fundamentals of Food Biotechnology, ebook

Fundamentals of Food Biotechnology

Lee, Byong H.


Food biotechnology is the application of modern biotechnological techniques to the manufacture and processing of food, for example through fermentation of food (which is the oldest biotechnological process) and food additives, as well as plant and animal cell cultures. New developments in

Wang, Lawrence K. - Environmental Biotechnology, ebook

Environmental Biotechnology

Wang, Lawrence K.


Table of contents
1. Applications of Environmental Biotechnology
Volodymyr Ivanov, Yung-Tse Hung
2. Microbiology of Environmental Engineering Systems
Volodymyr Ivanov
3. Microbial Systematics
Aharon Oren
4. Microbial Ecology
Nicolai S. Panikov
5. Microbial Metabolism: Importance for Environmental

Georgiev, Vasil - Salvia Biotechnology, ebook

Salvia Biotechnology

Georgiev, Vasil


Table of contents
1. European Species of Genus Salvia: Distribution, Chemodiversity and Biological Activity
Milena Nikolova, Ina Aneva
2. Bioactive Constituents of Anatolian Salvia Species
Gülaçtı Topçu, Rümeysa Yücer, Halil Şenol

Lee, Sang Yup - Industrial Biotechnology: Microorganisms, ebook

Industrial Biotechnology: Microorganisms

Lee, Sang Yup


The latest volume in the Advanced Biotechnology series provides an overview of the main production hosts and platform organisms used today as well as promising future cell factories in a two volume book. Alongside describing tools for genetic and metabolic engineering for strain improvement,

Lee, Sang Yup - Industrial Biotechnology: Products and Processes, ebook

Industrial Biotechnology: Products and Processes

Lee, Sang Yup


The latest volume in the Advanced Biotechnology series provides an overview of the main product classes and platform chemicals produced by biotechnological processes today, with applications in the food, healthcare and fine chemical industries. Alongside the production of drugs and flavors

Vilcinskas, Andreas - Insect Biotechnology, ebook

Insect Biotechnology

Vilcinskas, Andreas


Table of contents
1. The Greater Wax Moth Galleria mellonella as an Alternative Model Host for Human Pathogens
Krishnendu Mukherjee, Eugen Domann, Torsten Hain
2. Fruit Flies as Models in Biomedical Research – A Drosophila Asthma Model
Thomas Roeder, Kerstin Isermann, Christina Wagner, Christine Warmbold