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Avérous, Luc - Biopolymers: Biomedical and Environmental Applications, ebook

Biopolymers: Biomedical and Environmental Applications

Avérous, Luc

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This handbook focuses on biopolymers for both environmental and biomedical applications.  It shows recent advances in technology in all areas from chemical synthesis or biosynthesis to end use applications. These areas have not been covered in a single book before and they include

Caruso, Frank - Layer-by-Layer Films for Biomedical Applications, ebook

Layer-by-Layer Films for Biomedical Applications

Caruso, Frank


The book gives a thorough overview of applications of the layer-by-layer (LbL) technique in the context of bioengineering and biomedical engineering where the last years have witnessed tremendous progress. The first part familiarizes the reader with the…

Thakur, Manju Kumari - Functional Biopolymers, ebook

Functional Biopolymers

Thakur, Manju Kumari


Table of contents
1. Nano-optical Biosensors for Assessment of Food Contaminants
M. S. Attia, Ahmed E. M. Mekky, Ziya Ahmed Khan, M. S. A. Abdel-Mottaleb
2. Functionalization of Tamarind Gum for Drug Delivery
Amit Kumar Nayak, Dilipkumar…