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Singleton, Paul - Dictionary of DNA and Genome Technology, ebook

Dictionary of DNA and Genome Technology

Singleton, Paul

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DNA technology is evolving rapidly, with new methods and a fast-growing vocabulary. This unique dictionary offers current, detailed and accessible information on DNA technology to lecturers, researchers and students throughout the biomedical and related

Goto, Yuji - Water and Biomolecules, ebook

Water and Biomolecules

Goto, Yuji


Table of contents
1. Mapping Protein Folding Landscapes by NMR Relaxation
P. E. Wright, D. J. Felitsky, K. Sugase, H. J. Dyson
2. Experimental and Simulation Studies of the Folding/Unfolding of Goat ?-Lactalbumin
K. Kuwajima, T. Oroguchi, T. Nakamura, M. Ikeguchi, A. Kidera
3. Transition in the Higher-order

Müller, Sabine - Nucleic Acids from A to Z, ebook

Nucleic Acids from A to Z

Müller, Sabine


Concise but complete, this mini-encyclopedia contains over 1,500 entries covering all important concepts, compounds, techniques and acronyms for quick and easy reference.
Guiding readers through the ever-increasing jungle of nucleic acid science and…

Jakubke, Hans-Dieter - Peptides from A to Z, ebook

Peptides from A to Z

Jakubke, Hans-Dieter


This mini-encyclopedia contains more than 1,500 alphabetical entries from the entire field of peptide science in one handy volume, as well as the technical terms, acronyms and concepts used in peptide chemistry. It also features the complete sequence…

Shpigun, Oleg - Handbook of Ion Chromatography, ebook

Handbook of Ion Chromatography

Shpigun, Oleg


This three-volume handbook is the standard reference in the field, unparalleled in its comprehensiveness. It covers every conceivable topic related to the expanding and increasingly important field of ion chromatography. The fourth edition is completely…