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Boulgouris, N. V. - Biometrics: Theory, Methods, and Applications, ebook

Biometrics: Theory, Methods, and Applications

Boulgouris, N. V.


Edited by a panel of experts, it provides comprehensive coverage of:
Multilinear discriminant analysis for biometric signal recognition
Biometric identity authentication techniques based on neural networks
Multimodal biometrics and design

Rathgeb, Christian - Iris Biometrics, ebook

Iris Biometrics

Rathgeb, Christian


Table of contents
1. The Human Iris as a Biometric Identifier
Christian Rathgeb, Andreas Uhl, Peter Wild
2. Iris Biometric Processing
Christian Rathgeb, Andreas Uhl, Peter Wild
3. State-of-the-Art in Iris Biometrics
Christian Rathgeb,…

Kumar, Santosh - Animal Biometrics, ebook

Animal Biometrics

Kumar, Santosh


Animal Biometrics: Concepts and Recent Application
Santosh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Rishav Singh, Amit Kumar Singh
2. Analytical Study of Animal Biometrics: A Technical Survey
Santosh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Rishav

Xu, Yong - Discriminative Learning in Biometrics, ebook

Discriminative Learning in Biometrics

Xu, Yong


Table of contents
Part I. Background Knowledge
1. Discriminative Learning in Biometrics
David Zhang, Yong Xu, Wangmeng Zuo
Part II. Metric Learning and Sparse Representation-Based Classification
2. Metric Learning with Biometric Applications

Zhang, David - 3D Biometrics, ebook

3D Biometrics

Zhang, David


3D Biometrics Technologies and Systems
David Zhang, Guangming Lu
Part II. 3D Ear Recognition Based on Line Structured Light
3. 3D Ear Acquisition System
David Zhang, Guangming Lu
4. Two Significant Characteristics in 3D Ear
David Zhang, Guangming

Ashbourn, Julian - Guide to Biometrics for Large-Scale Systems, ebook

Guide to Biometrics for Large-Scale Systems

Ashbourn, Julian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Julian Ashbourn
2. Biometrics Revisited
Julian Ashbourn
3. Biometric Systems Defined
Julian Ashbourn
4. Identity Management
Julian Ashbourn
5. True Systems Integration
Julian Ashbourn
6. Performance Issues
Julian Ashbourn
7. Equivalence of Performance

Champod, Christophe - Handbook of Biometrics for Forensic Science, ebook

Handbook of Biometrics for Forensic Science

Champod, Christophe


On Using Soft Biometrics in Forensic Investigation
Paulo Lobato Correia, Peter K. Larsen, Abdenour Hadid, Martin Sandau, Miguel Almeida
12. Locating People in Surveillance Video Using Soft Biometric Traits
Simon Denman, Michael Halstead, Clinton Fookes,

Ratha, Nalini K. - Advances in Biometrics, ebook

Advances in Biometrics

Ratha, Nalini K.


Ocular Biometrics: Simultaneous Capture and Analysis of the Retina and Iris
David Usher, Yasunari Tosa, Marc Friedman
9. Face Recognition Beyond the Visible Spectrum
Pradeep Buddharaju, Ioannis Pavlidis, Chinmay Manohar
2. Algorithms
10. Voice-Based