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Prasad, S. - Topics in Biomedical Gerontology, ebook

Topics in Biomedical Gerontology

Prasad, S.


Age-Related Changes in Antioxidant Enzymes of Rat Kidney and Oxidative Stress Parameters with Special Reference to Methylation of the Catalase Promoter
Srikanta Jena, Suresh K. Bunker, Jagneshwar Dandapat, G. B. N. Chainy
10. Differential Expression of Long

Lambris, John D. - Current Topics in Innate Immunity, ebook

Current Topics in Innate Immunity

Lambris, John D.


Immunity in Borreliosis with Special Emphasis on the Role of Complement
Kristina Nilsson Ekdahl, Anna J. Henningsson, Kerstin Sandholm, Pia Forsberg, Jan Ernerudh, Christina Ekerfelt
15. Murine CR1/2 Targeted Antigenized Single-Chain Antibody Fragments Induce

Hami, Abdelkhalak El - Reliability in Biomechanics, ebook

Reliability in Biomechanics

Hami, Abdelkhalak El


In this book, the authors present in detail several recent methodologies and algorithms that we have developed during the last fifteen years. The deterministic methods account for uncertainties through empirical safety factors,  which implies that the…

Powell, Warren B. - Optimal Learning, ebook

Optimal Learning

Powell, Warren B.

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Designed for readers with an elementary background in probability and statistics, the book presents effective and practical policies illustrated in a wide range of applications, from energy, homeland security, and transportation to engineering, health, and business.