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Dürr, Simone - Biofouling, ebook


Dürr, Simone


This comprehensive book covers in detail the processes involved in marine and freshwater biofouling, biofouling processes with industrial implications, current legislation of relevance to biofouling issues and methods

Dobretsov, Sergey - Biofouling Methods, ebook

Biofouling Methods

Dobretsov, Sergey


Biofouling Methods provides a “cook book” for both established workers and those new to the field. The methods included in this important new book range from tried and tested techniques to those at the cutting edge, encompassing the full diversity of this multidisciplinary field.

Cooksey, Keith - Marine and Industrial Biofouling, ebook

Marine and Industrial Biofouling

Cooksey, Keith


Microbial Biofouling and Microbially Influenced Corrosion
1. Why Microorganisms Live in Biofilms and the Problem of Biofouling
Hans-Curt Flemming
2. The Effect of Substratum Properties on the Survival of Attached Microorganisms on Inert Surfaces

Ivanov, Volodymyr - Construction Biotechnology, ebook

Construction Biotechnology

Ivanov, Volodymyr


Biocorrosion, Biodeterioration, and Biofouling in Civil Engineering
Volodymyr Ivanov, Viktor Stabnikov
14. Advances and Future Developments of Construction Biotechnology
Volodymyr Ivanov, Viktor Stabnikov

Kalia, Vipin Chandra - Microbial Applications Vol.1, ebook

Microbial Applications Vol.1

Kalia, Vipin Chandra


Microbial Biofouling: A Possible Solution to Treat Harmful Microorganisms in Ship Ballast Water
Bhagwan Rekadwad, Chandrahasya Khobragade
Part II. Bioenergy
7. Xylanases: From Paper to Fuel
Gopalakrishnan Menon, Sumitra Datta
8. Basic Principles

Mustafa, Saleem - Aquaculture Ecosystems: Adaptability and Sustainability, ebook

Aquaculture Ecosystems: Adaptability and Sustainability

Mustafa, Saleem


Commencing with a chapter covering concerns and solutions centred around seafood security, the following chapters cover the biology and behavior of aquatic animals and their selection for use in aquaculture systems, integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, nutrient inputs and pollution, biofouling,

Kalia, Vipin Chandra - Waste Biomass Management – A Holistic Approach, ebook

Waste Biomass Management – A Holistic Approach

Kalia, Vipin Chandra


Table of contents
1. Anaerobic Digestion
Sevcan Aydin
2. Using Pretreatment and Enzymatic Saccharification Technologies to Produce Fermentable Sugars from Agricultural Wastes
Caoxing Huang, Ben Jeuck, Qiang Yong
3. Various Sludge Pretreatments: Their Impact on Biogas Generation
J. Rajesh Banu, S. Kavitha