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Cortón, Eduardo - Bioanalytical Chemistry, ebook

Bioanalytical Chemistry

Cortón, Eduardo


A timely, accessible survey of the multidisciplinary field of bioanalytical chemistry Provides an all in one approach for both beginners and experts, from a broad range of backgrounds, covering introductions, theory, advanced concepts and diverse applications

Mikkelsen, Susan R. - Bioanalytical Chemistry, ebook

Bioanalytical Chemistry

Mikkelsen, Susan R.


Bioanalytical Chemistry provides a thorough introduction for students and practitioners with a broad range of backgrounds from chemistry to medicine. In so doing, it brings together many of the techniques commonly

Vandenabeele, Peter - Practical Raman Spectroscopy: An Introduction, ebook

Practical Raman Spectroscopy: An Introduction

Vandenabeele, Peter

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It provides a valuable guide to assist with teaching Raman spectroscopy which is gaining attention in (analytical) chemistry, and as a consequence, teaching programs have followed. Today, education in Raman spectroscopy is often limited to theoretical aspects (e.g.

Garrigues, Salvador - Handbook of Green Analytical Chemistry, ebook

Handbook of Green Analytical Chemistry

Garrigues, Salvador

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The emerging field of green analytical chemistry is concerned with the development of analytical procedures that minimize consumption of hazardous reagents and solvents, and maximize safety for operators and the environment.  In recent years there have been significant developments in methodological