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Long, Michael G. - Billy Graham and the Beloved Community, ebook

Billy Graham and the Beloved Community

Long, Michael G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: “Bowed in Prayer”—Resurrecting the Assassinated King
Michael G. Long
2. “The Bible Says”: Heart Problems and the Divine Cure
Michael G. Long
3. “Preaching Nothing but the Bible”: Against…

Smith, Valerie - Toni Morrison: Writing the Moral Imagination, ebook

Toni Morrison: Writing the Moral Imagination

Smith, Valerie


This compelling study explores the inextricable links between the Nobel laureate’s aesthetic practice and her political vision, through an analysis of the key texts as well as her lesser-studied works, books for children, and most recent novels.…

Wagner-Martin, Linda - Toni Morrison, ebook

Toni Morrison

Wagner-Martin, Linda


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Morrison’s Early Years
Linda Wagner-Martin
2. Song of Solomon: One Beginning of Morrison’s Career
Linda Wagner-Martin
3. Tar Baby and Other Folktales
Linda Wagner-Martin
4. Beloved, Beloved, Beloved
Linda Wagner-Martin
5. Jazz and Morrison’s Trilogy:

A Princess Prays

A Princess Prays

Cartland, Barbara


Heir to the throne of Valdina, beautiful Attila vows two things - to do everything in her power to return her beloved sick father, King Sigismund, to health and to find true love. But it seems that her stepmother, the scheming and selfish Queen Margit has other ideas for her future. Desperate

Conrad, Joseph - The Tale, ebook

The Tale

Conrad, Joseph


To accommodate the desire of his beloved, the captain of a ship tells a story of honour and death. A captain in the Royal Navy during a reconnaissance, notice a mysterious boat in the mist. To determine whether this is an enemy ship he goes on board to question the

Thomas, Jane - Thomas Hardy and Desire, ebook

Thomas Hardy and Desire

Thomas, Jane


Table of contents
1. Introduction — Thomas Hardy and Desire: Conceptions of the Self
Jane Thomas
2. House and Home: Nostalgic Desire and the Locus of Being
Jane Thomas
3. Desire, Female Amity and Sapphic Space
Jane Thomas
4. Sexual Desire and the Lure of the Erotic
Jane Thomas
5. Poor Men