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Martinelli, Dario - A Critical Companion to Zoosemiotics:, ebook

A Critical Companion to Zoosemiotics:

Martinelli, Dario


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Zoosemiotics
Dario Martinelli
2. Ethological Zoosemiotics
Dario Martinelli
3. Anthropological Zoosemiotics
Dario Martinelli
4. A Glossary of People, Paths and Ideas
Dario Martinelli

Sussman, Robert W. - Origins of Altruism and Cooperation, ebook

Origins of Altruism and Cooperation

Sussman, Robert W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Cooperation and Altruism
Robert W. Sussman, C. Robert Cloninger
2. Cooperation, Altruism, and Human Evolution: Introduction Part I
Ian Tattersall
3. The Influence of Predation on Primate and Early…

Turillazzi, Stefano - The Biology of Hover Wasps, ebook

The Biology of Hover Wasps

Turillazzi, Stefano


Table of contents
1. The Hover Wasps
Stefano Turillazzi
2. Morphology and Anatomy
Stefano Turillazzi
3. Behaviour
Stefano Turillazzi
4. Colonial Dynamics
Stefano Turillazzi
5. Social Communication
Stefano Turillazzi

Chernetsov, Nikita - Passerine Migration, ebook

Passerine Migration

Chernetsov, Nikita


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nikita Chernetsov
2. Stopover Duration
Nikita Chernetsov
3. Fuel Deposition Rate and Energy Efficiency of Stopovers
Nikita Chernetsov
4. Optimal Migration Theory
Nikita Chernetsov

Bosch, Jos A. - Immunosenescence, ebook


Bosch, Jos A.


Stress-related Behavioural Responses, Immunity and Ageing in Animal Models
Carmen Vida, Mónica De la Fuente
9. Socio-economic Status and Immunosenescence
Allison E. Aiello, Jennifer Beam Dowd
10. Exercise and Immunosenescence
Richard J. Simpson,

Abbass, Hussein A. - Data and Decision Sciences in Action, ebook

Data and Decision Sciences in Action

Abbass, Hussein A.


Automated Techniques for Generating Behavioural Models for Constructive Combat Simulations
Matt Selway, Kerryn R. Owen, Richard M. Dexter, Georg Grossmann, Wolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner
9. Analytic and Probabilistic Techniques for the Determination of Surface

Fujita, Kazuo - Origins of the Social Mind, ebook

Origins of the Social Mind

Fujita, Kazuo


Table of contents
Part I. Phylogeny of Social Cognition
1. Social Intelligence in Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus apella)
Kazuo Fujita, Hika Kuroshima, Yuko Hattori, Makoto Takahashi
2. Communication Between Mother and Infant Chimpanzees and Its…

Corcoran, Michael E. - Kindling 6, ebook

Kindling 6

Corcoran, Michael E.


Table of contents
Theme 1:. Pathogenesis of Kindling
1. Developmental Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in Amygdala Kindled Kittens: An update
Margaret N. Shouse, John C. Scordato, Paul R. Farber
2. Prenatal Betamethasone Exposure Suppresses Kindling…