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Culler, Jonathan - Barthes: A Biography, ebook

Barthes: A Biography

Culler, Jonathan


Roland Barthes (1915-1980) was a central figure in the thought of his time, but he was also something of an outsider. His father died in the First World War, he enjoyed his mother’s unfailing love, he spent long years in the sanatorium, and he was aware of his homosexuality from an early

Sollers, Philippe - The Friendship of Roland Barthes, ebook

The Friendship of Roland Barthes

Sollers, Philippe


In Roland Barthes?s eyes, Philippe Sollers embodied the figure of the contemporary writer forever seeking something new. Thirty-six years after Barthes produced his study Sollers Writer, Sollers has written a book on the man who was his friend and who

Moriarty, Michael - Roland Barthes, ebook

Roland Barthes

Moriarty, Michael


This book provides a lively introduction to the work of Roland Barthes, one of the twentieth century's most important literary and cultural theorists. The book covers all aspects of Barthes's writings including his work on literary theory, mass communications, the theatre and politics. Moriarty

Lucy, Niall - Dictionary of Postmodernism, ebook

Dictionary of Postmodernism

Lucy, Niall


A Dictionary of Postmodernism presents an authoritative A-Z of the critical terms and central figures related to the origins and evolution of postmodernist theory and culture. Explores the names and ideas that have come to define the postmodern condition…

Rivkin, Julie - Literary Theory: An Anthology, ebook

Literary Theory: An Anthology

Rivkin, Julie


The new edition of this bestselling literary theory anthology has been thoroughly updated to include influential texts from innovative new areas, including disability studies, eco-criticism, and ethics. Covers all the major schools and methods that make…

Kartsaki, Eirini - Repetition in Performance, ebook

Repetition in Performance

Kartsaki, Eirini


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Invisible Forces
Eirini Kartsaki
2. Stein, Beckett, Rainer , and Brown
Eirini Kartsaki
3. After Barthes
Eirini Kartsaki
4. After Stein
Eirini Kartsaki
5. Performance Returns
Eirini Kartsaki
6. After Lacan
Eirini Kartsaki
7. Conclusion:

Brottman, Mikita - High Theory/Low Culture, ebook

High Theory/Low Culture

Brottman, Mikita


Rumor, Gossip, and Scandal: Barthes and Tabloid Rhetoric
Mikita Brottman
4. “The Last Stop of Desire”: Roland Barthes Goes Shopping
Mikita Brottman
5. Blueprints and Bodies: Lacan and the Pornographic Imagination
Mikita Brottman
6. Dark

Sturrock, John - Structuralism: With an Introduction by Jean-Michel Rabate, ebook

Structuralism: With an Introduction by Jean-Michel Rabate

Sturrock, John


John Sturrock’s classic explication of Structuralism represents the most succinct and balanced survey available of a major critical movement associated with the thought of such key figures as Lévi-Strauss, Foucault, Barthes, Lacan and Althusser theory.
A classic work in literary

Poster, Mark - The Mode of Information: Poststructuralism and Social Contexts, ebook

The Mode of Information: Poststructuralism and Social Contexts

Poster, Mark


In this path-breaking work, Mark Poster highlights the nature of the newly emerging forms of social life, in the current era. The flexibility of language which the computer allows makes the written word less certain and less concrete. The result of these changes, Poster argues, is a new communication experience, an interaction